June 3, 2012

May 2012

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April began like a lamb and ended like a lion, leaving a waiting game to see how many of the blooms that came early this year during the lambish period of March and early April.  Then on April 24th apple blossom petals and heavy wet snow lined my driveway.

           A reminder: a young mother, Samantha, remains in a Puerto Rico hospital recovering from severe burns received from a kitchen fire. I scrounged around the Internet to find a picture depicting Samantha’s burn. Her grandmother agrees that this picture I found is about what the burn looks like, even now, three months after the accident! The picture speaks a thousand words about the suffering Samantha, only 20, is enduring.

I sent out an e-mail to many persons requesting they send Samantha a card to let her know people care. I also asked that they post the information on their social network sites (eg. Facebook) and forward it via e-mail to their family and friends. Cards can be sent to her grandmother.

Since then I’ve set up an e-mail for persons to send caring greetings to Samantha:  (NOTE: Clicking on this email will not bring it up.

You will need to retype or cut and paste i into the  address in the email you send)

Please forward this email with the following links

to your friends and families

and share on your social network accounts (eg. Facebook)

Get Well Cards Requested for Burn Victim or


Oil Cooking Fires in the Kitchen or

to your friends and family via your social networks and email address lists (if you are really ambitious, you could cut and paste the post to your e-mail).

Snail-Mail cards may be sent to Samantha in care of:

Fran Welts

P. O. Box 45

Forbes Road, PA   15633

Or given to

Carolyn C. Holland

Meanwhile, be strongly aware that kitchen fires are dangerous. They should not, cannot be, extinguished with water. The best solution I’ve uncovered is to keep a container of sand beside your stove to toss on a fire.

Wouldn’t a decorative container filled with sand be a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for a loved one?

Have a nice month of May! I’ll be back in June…


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