June 1, 2012

June 2012 Welcome Message

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June marks the last month of the first half of 2012.

I’d like to thank my readers and especially those who comment on my posts. The steady rise in visitors and subscribers/bookmarkers to Carolyn’s Compositions is one reward for continuing this blog site.

Although I’ve come to know a few of you, there are many more of you whom I do not know. The site statistics tell me that a percentage of you are from the global community outside the United States.

I invite you to introduce yourself to me in the comment box below. I’d like to know where you reside, perhaps your age range, and, particularly, what draws you to this site.

Concerning the irregularity of the posting during the first half of 2012, there is an explanation: life. Life happened. The major interruption in regularity came at the end of February, when my 91-year-old brother-in-law fell and broke his hip (or broke his hip and fell). We immediately left home and drove more than seven hours to the hospital where he was. We remained there until his final moment, then drove several hours further north to plan his funeral. In total, we were away three and a half weeks, during which I accessed computer use only two hours.

The month of May found us returning to his hometown, as my husband was executor of his estate. We had to deal with the sale of his worldly goods, his house, and his car. Fortunately, the local library allowed us generous computer use.

My plan now is to hunker down at home, catching up with “home stuff” that was let go, posting regularly, and returning to writing my novel. By summer’s end I hope to complete the first draft.

Watch for my July sticky note—I will update you on my progress.

Meanwhile, remember to introduce yourself to me.


Also remember to keep Samantha in your prayers and to send her greetings:

Get Well Cards Requested for Burn Victim :  and

Oil Cooking Fires in the Kitchen :


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