May 13, 2012

In Our Mother’s Womb



Cynthia Lipsius

Contributed to by Nancy Lee & Carolyn


Nancy Lee was first; she kept very busy

vacuuming, fluffing, dusting away lint.

When she made her appearance,

she left behind a pink mint.


Carolyn was alert and curious,

this family was such a mystery!

By the time she was born

She’d recorded its entire history. 


Jane was thoughtful, contemplative,

not much time she could take.

In a swirl of colors and fabrics,

this womb she did re-make.


Hugh Kerry liked the changes made

but felt they were too dainty.

Not wanting to be outdone,

he repapered and repainted. 


Cynthia felt very cozy and snug—

the world would have to wait.

She shut off her alarm clock

and arrived fashionably late.


Sally was a firecracker,

who let her mind be known.

Upon her rather explosive birth

she brought her own wardrobe.


Peter, the last of us,

was definitely not the least.

With Mom’s kisses: raisins, apples, banana,

he made a fruit salad feast.


For all, our Mom was the same,

one-by-one we shared her womb-home.

Today, with all these siblings,

we never have to be alone.

NOTE: This poem would not be complete without acknowledging two other siblings who shared our Mother’s womb—two daughters she released for adoption and who contacted our family through this blog. Thus, the following three verses were added:

 Two other girls shared the womb

Our Mother’s secret through the years

Released for adoption, the question is why?

Was she sad? Did she shed tears?


The third womb resident was Pam

When Nancy Lee was six, Carolyn five

Just this February she discovered us…

All siblings now know she arrived.


Eleven years after Nancy Lee

Darlene emerged from Mother’s womb

She found us fifty-seven years later

In our lives we’ve made, for her, room.



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    Comment by Joan — May 13, 2012 @ 6:10 am | Reply

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