April 29, 2012

Carolyn’s Compositions Top Twelve Posts (April 2012)



(April, 2012)

     From the conception of CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS on February 5, 2008, certain posts have been withstood the test of time. I thought it would be interesting to review the top twelve most viewed posts.

     Note that some of these posts have had longevity on the site. Newer posts, especially the most recent, may become equally popular but haven’t had the time to accumulate the same high number of visits.

     However, I’ve noticed through the years that the top ten posts listed below are visited consistently, and seem to have holding power.

     To review a list of the top visited recent posts click on

     I want to thank you, my readers, for visiting my writing site.

TWELVE…Posted March 14, 2008


My older sister would be mortified. She wouldn’t have a Slinky, Etch-a-Sketch, toy, or—heaven forbid, a squirt gun—on her office desk.

     However, the AP article I read in the late 1990s stated: “America’s office workers are getting in touch with their inner child. At their desks and computers, they are playing with toys—Slinkys…Etch-a-Sketch key chains…and squirt guns.”

     My sister follows rules for office propriety, and always warned me to act appropriately when I visited her workplace. As if I wouldn’t consider…(to continue reading WORKPLACE STRESS REDUCTION ACTIVITIES: MORTIFYING AND FUN click on )

ELEVEN…Posted March 19, 2008:


Its beauty is beyond comprehension and its boundless strength prevents its capture, according to literature through the ages. Authors from many cultures affirm its existence yet there are those who claim the beast is merely a myth.

Who could question the existence of such a universal historical beast?

Renowned men from the Greek physician Ctesias to modern day Barnum and Bailey have debated the question: IS THE UNICORN A MYTH OR A REALITY?

The first description of the unicorn was done by Ctesias. Around 400 BC he noted it had a white…(to continue reading THE UNICORN: MYTH OR REALITY? click on )

TEN…Posted February 7, 2009


     Since families consider alcoholism and/or abusiveness a “family secret,” homes with these issues present teach children and other family members three key lessons: DON’T TALK, DON’T TRUST, DON’T FEEL.
     TALKING enables individuals to both share ideas and approach problems—stating them, defining them and solving them.
     Alcoholic and abusive homes deny key destructive behaviors and their underlying, scary issues. They believe that if “it” (to continue reading CHARACTERISTICS OF ABUSIVE FAMILIES click on )

NINE…Posted March 5, 2010:


This is a story of two mothers who bring their case before King Solomon. The King knew that on the date in question, in the middle of the night, two prostitutes slept peacefully, their newborns tucked in their arms. The two women aren’t named in the Bible, but we will call them Mona and Lena. (to continue reading King Solomon and the Case of Two Mothers click on )

EIGHT…Posted March 29, 2008:

AQUILLA AND PRISCILLA: A Script on their Marriage

Genesis provides two human creation stories. In Genesis 1 God creates humans, male and female, to be fruitful and multiply. The Genesis 2 version relates it a little differently—Adam is created first and then Eve is created from his rib.

Which ever way we read the Scripture, either as man and woman being created as equal partners or the man being created first and the woman second, we have a sense that God puts married couples together to be a team, a team that is challenged to be fruitful and multiply. The marriage of Aquila and Priscilla is an example of a relationship that personifies teamwork. (to continue reading click on )

SEVEN…Posted August 2, 2010:

Jellyfish Sting Wallis Sands Beach Visitors

NOTE: This post has been receiving consistent interest during 2012.

In July, 2010, one hundred visitors to Wallis Sands Beach, New Hampshire, were stung by a large, dead, jellyfish.

     The jellyfish, identified as a Lion’s Mane jellyfish, fell apart when State Park staff attempted to remove it from the beach. Its stingers remained active though it was dead.*

      The Lion’s Mane jellyfish, rare as far south as the New Hampshire coastline, isn’t normally seen in such shallow waters. Lifeguards spotted the creature described by the Park Manager, Ken Loughlin, as the size of a “turkey platter,” and weighing nearly fifty pounds. The state’s chief of marine fisheries, Doug Grout, said this jellyfish species jellyfish, usually found in northern New England, averages eight feet in diameter and can have tentacles up to fifty feet.

     All the action transpired in about 20 minutes, when (to continue reading Jellyfish Sting Wallis Sands Beach Visitors click on )

SIX…Posted February 27, 2008:


(Note: this post has the all-time record in terms of comments and in terms of uniting descendents of the Thomas and Rebecca Cornell family, the post’s subject)

On Feb. 8, 1673, a 73-year old widow, Rebecca Cornell, was found deceased, burned to death, in front of her bedroom fireplace. Her son, Thomas Cornell, 46, was hung for her “murder” on May 23, 1673.

An air of mystery and intrigue surrounds this case that occurred on Acquidneck Island, located in Narragansset Bay, in the state of Rhode Island. On its northern end is Portsmouth. On its southern end is Newport. While there we confronted the investigation of questionable justice wrought in 1673…Circumstantial evidence was stacked against Thomas. His relationship with his mother was rancorous, disrespectful and full of enmity. (to continue reading  KILLED STRANGELY: A NEW ENGLAND MURDER STORY click on )

FIVE… Posted March 31, 2008:

CHILDREN LEFT HOME ALONE (or in cars alone)

This post raises many questions about child safety, as does another issue: children “left” alone in cars. Recently a mother left a sleeping child in a car, within her sight, while she took two older children to drop coins in a nearby Salvation Army kettle. The article related that moments later she was arrested and the focus of a police investigation and a state child welfare agency. Bloggers apparently are debating whether she was negligent or whether the police overstepped their bounds. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

(to continue reading CHILDREN LEFT HOME ALONE (or in cars alone) click on )

FOUR…Posted February 12, 2009

CANDIED VIOLETS: Remembering My Mother on Her Birthday

While living in the home we built in Slippery Rock, in the midst of seventy acres, part of our experience is what many would describe as “back to earth.” We gardened, canned, kept chickens. We also had lots of violets that bloomed in the spring and in the fall. (click to view photo: )
     It was the early seventies when I discovered that one could make what was considered a delicacy: candied violets, a violet blossom preserved by a coating of sugar syrup.  Described as “quaint and Victorian and lovely,” cabdued violets are still commercially made at Toulouse, France, where they are known as violettes de Toulouse.
     I decided to experiment with… (to continue reading CANDIED VIOLETS: Remembering My Mother on Her Birthday click on )

THREE…Posted April 22, 2008:


Robert Mendler wants people to know he is not a statistic or a number.
“I am a human being,” he states. “Listen to me. I will tell you what happened to me and everyone I knew and loved.”…
“I am a Holocaust survivor,” Mendler stated, baring his arm bearing its permanent number on it. “I want you to know I am not a number and I am not a statistic. I am a human being. I had parents a long time ago.”

He pointed out that a Jew is a person who practices Judaism.

“This is my faith. Religion is only a faith. The Bible is a very good book to read.

“I’m a human being, an American. I give my blood and receive it too, sometimes when having surgery.”

Mendler was born in Nowy Targ, a small Poland town, similar to Latrobe, Pennsylvania, now his home. Its population of 8000 included 3000 Jews, almost 40%. Only 39 of them survived the war. He is the lone survivor in his family—eighty-nine of his relatives were lost to the Holocaust.

In September 1, 1939 Mendler had… (to continue reading THE HOLOCAUST STORY OF A TEENAGE VICTIM (Part 1) click on )

TWO…Posted April 16, 2008:


Between April 8 and June 12, 1630, a fleet of 17 ships carrying over 1000 passengers set sail from Yarmouth, England to Salem, Massachusetts. It was under the command of Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop, who sailed with 400 emigrants aboard the flagship “Arabella.” This 28-gun ship also transported the Charter of the Massachusetts Bay Company to Salem, thereby giving legal birth to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts…In 1921 my maternal great-grandfather built a 39-foot boat he named the Arabella, and I wonder where the name came from. Did he name his boat after the historic Arabella that brought legal status documents to the colony of Massachusetts?

Allen Wilson Walker had the boat built in a barn across the street from the back of Woodward School in Quincy, Mass. According to a note on a… (to continue reading IN SEARCH OF THE ARABELLA: A Story of Two Boats click on )

And finally, number ONE…Posted July 1, 2008:


When considering child abuse from the Scriptural perspective there are some important questions. Below is an attempt to answer some of them.

First: Children must be MADE to OBEY (their parents), right?
Obedience IS important. Ephesians 6:1, 4 and Colossians 3:20-21 instruct children to be obedient. However, this directive does not stop there: it continues on to instruct PARENTS not to PROVOKE their children. Implied is a mutual… (to continue reading CHILD ABUSE AND SCRIPTURE click on )

     Not included in the list is Home Page/Archives, the first post listed on the main blog site. I attempt to update it with each month, holiday, or season.

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