April 24, 2012

A Time With Grandson Marcus: Part 2



Part 2

To read CHAPTER 1, A Time With Grandson Marcus: Part 1,click on


Recently I spent almost two days with my grandson Marcus, five, while his dad, Nolan, helped my husband, Monte, on a job in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.

I suggested to Marcus that we could visit some places where his Dad and his Aunt Sandy grew up (we lived in the Slippery Rock community when they were his age). He seemed quite interested. After mentioning that we could keep a journal Marcus kept reminding me to stop so he could dictate to me what we had done. He also said it is posted online it had to include lots of pictures.

What follows is Marcus’s journal with my added notes.

To read Part 1 (Wednesday) click on:

     I woke up about 8:30 but Grandma told me this. I asked where Daddy and Grandpan were.

NOTE: From here on in Grandpa is Grandpan and I am Grandman. This is the result of a typo I made that Marcus claimed was funny.)

     Grandman told me they were out in the glorius sun. LOL. It was foggy out. Grandman really told me that they were in Slippery Rock, not in the glorious sun.

     It was ten minutes until nine o’clock. I got dressed really fast but I asked Grandman to put my socks on and I put my shoes on so I could see the nine o’clock clock bell. I saw the clock again and there were real triggers inside. Every hour the triggers let go and the clock moves around and around, (splitting open and then closing).

     Then I picked out cereal, for later to snack on, and a muffin. The muffin was really good. I didn’t get more because we were going to breakfast with the people at the Camelot Restaurant.

     I watched television (super why dinosaur???) while Grandman made a phone call (I called a friend to tell her I would miss a dinner we planned on attending together) and packed and loaded the car (we were signing out of the hotel). We were ready at 9:50. While we waited for the clock to strike ten we wrote the journal. Now it’s time to leave.

     We drove to Slippery Rock. On the way I told Grandman that my favorite color is red, and my favorite number is thirteen, and my favorite car is the Saturn. In 2013 my Dad has to buy a red Saturn.

     We got to Camelot Restaurant to meet Dad’s and Aunt Sandy’s dance teacher (Audrey). I ordered a big sticky bun. It was big. I only ate a few bites. I took pictures after I played Fruit Slice on my Kindle.

     We went to Mr Staiger’s. He called Grandpan because he had to get a part for the car window.

     We talked to the Slippery Rock University police (for a visitor’s pass). They needed to know the license plate number on the back of our car. I went to the car with the lady police officer. She gave Grandman a ticket that allowed us to park on campus.

     We parked and went to see the globe (which when lit up it showed weather predictions world-wide). Grandman kept on asking and asking and asking who could open the globe. We finally found someone who could open the globe but the light bulb was burned out so they couldn’t use it any more

     Then we stopped at Weisenfluh (dining hall) to eat. We waited for the number 60 (to be called) and I brought the food over (to our table).  I got another cheeseburger and fries, and tons and tons of fries and tons and tons of ketchup. 

     While we were eating a lady closed the gate. I got worried. I said we could go out the door over there (on the opposite side of the room) but another lady told me that I had to crawl on my hands and sneak out a side door without getting caught. Then the lady with the gate key told us that she would open the gate just for me. I was worried Grandman wouldn’t get out. Then she opened it just for us. 

     Then we went to the pool. When my Daddy swam here he only swam in the deep water.

     (Marcus didn’t write any more because he had to return home with his Dad. He wanted me to complete the day for him.)

    We drove to Slippery Rock Park where Audrey was teaching ballet. She had agreed I could take some pictures. While Marcus watched the dance students I maneuvered among them to get photos of Audrey.

      “Can you picture your Daddy dancing like that?” I asked Marcus. He shook his head no.

      When he was ready, we went to the playground near the Rec Center. Marcus had me push him on a swing, but then discovered a digger. He spent quite a bit of time with it.


     It was getting late, so I told Marcus it was time to go. As we were getting into the car the cell phone rang. It was Monte, telling me that the work was just about done. Our timing was perfect.

     Marcus was glad to be returning home.

     It was a fun time with Marcus.

The end!



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  1. !!! Special memory…Carolyn !!!!!

    Comment by Joan — April 25, 2012 @ 7:53 am | Reply

    • It was special, and a reminder of my own children’s childhood years.

      Comment by carolyncholland — April 25, 2012 @ 9:03 am | Reply

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