April 22, 2012

A Time With Grandson Marcus: Part 1



 Part 1

Recently I spent almost two days with my grandson Marcus, five, while his dad, Nolan, helped my husband, Monte, on a job in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.

I suggested to Marcus that we could visit some places where his Dad and his Aunt Sandy grew up (we lived in the Slippery Rock community when they were his age). He seemed quite interested. After mentioning that we could keep a journal Marcus kept reminding me to stop so he could dictate to me what we had done. He also said it is posted online it had to include lots of pictures.

What follows is Marcus’s journal with my added notes.


     I didn’t look at the clock so I don’t know what time I woke up. (When he woke up) Dad said we had to get ready pretty quick. We had to get to Slippery Rock (a two-hour drive) soon so he could work there because things were broken. Dad is helping Grandpa.

     On the way I ate some gold fish (crackers) and part of a bottle of lemonade, while I was riding.

     I didn’t sleep. I played on my Kindle the whole way.  We stopped somewhere, I forgot what it was called, and got some lemonade from the vending machine.

     My favorite (Kindle) game is about a restaurant story. I also like Bag It!

     When we got to Slippery Rock Dad opened the car door and Grandma and I saw each other. The tall grass (in the field) was taller than me, and some was shorter, we took pictures of it.

     I watched Dad (help Grandpa) do something about the apartment house water (they replaced a part on a water purification system).

Then Grandma and I took pictures of the pond. (I took pictures of Marcus near the spot I once took pictures of my son at the time the pond was being dug about 1977). We took pictures of the pine tree planted by Grandma and Grandpa’s friend (Hung Phen Tan from Singapore).

And we took pictures of each other.


It rained for one minute then it stopped.

     We walked back to the car and grandma fell in the mud (I slipped on some wet clay on the driveway). She didn’t get hurt. She got muddy on her bottom. It was so funny that she got muddy all over her bottom.

     We got in the car and drove to different places (we stopped to see Don Staiger about a car repair). The people weren’t there but we saw a friendly cat, it was black with white on the edges of his paws and it had pink pads. My favorite pet I had was a dog, We had. D.J. and Abigail. Abigail was white and black. D.J. was all brown.

     After that we went to Mrs. Flinn’s house. She was home. We talked to her and I ate almost one oatmeal raisin cookie, Grandma ate the rest.

     Then we drove into town. We stopped at the house where dad came home from the hospital when he was born,

     CAROLYN: I knocked on the door to get permission to take Marcus’s picture on the porch. The owner has three children.

     The man was so nice that he said we could take a picture.

     Then we went to Camelot Restaurant where Dad and Aunt Sandy used to eat when they were my age. Grandma called Aunt Sandy and Dad’s dance teacher. She wasn’t home. I got cheeseburger and fries and for a side got pickles.

     The cheeseburger is good. We wrote this story so far between bites of cheeseburger and french-fries. Grandma ate my pickles. The waitress gave me a half glass more of chocolate milk. I marched around one of the tables. There weren’t any people in the restaurant except for the waitresses and two others at one table.

     After breakfast grandma gave me a quarter for a gumball. It was white, it was plain white.

     We drove towards the road to go to the (university) library and stopped to see if the mother of one of Dad’s friends was home (Carol, mother of Zach). She was not home.

     We parked the car on Normal Avenue and walked. It was a medium walk. I ran most of the time. (It was really a long walk to the library). I ran down the hill that my Dad and Aunt Sandy used to run down (the one in front of the field house).

     We went to the library. We checked out yearbooks to find Grandpa and saw two pictures of him in each of two books. We made pictures from both of the books and cut off Grandpa’s head. Then Grandma made better copies.


We took pix of Grandpa’s science hall (Vincent Science Hall), but I was silly because I ran to all the trees she didn’t want me to go to and then when I got to the right tree the camera battery was dead.

     Some man told us about another building (Advanced Technology) that had dinosaur skulls.

      I was cold at that point and the camera didn’t work. We walked back to the car, I was cold, I had to stop and zip up my jacket. We got to the car and drove to a parking lot close to the Advanced Science center.

     We went in and we took pictures of the dinosaur skulls trying to bite me. It was fun. I was scared I was going to get bit by the dinosaurs. The teeth were really sharp.

     We left and drove by Carol’s again. She did not appear to be home. We drove to the hotel. I fell asleep. I just was getting tired. When we got to the hotel I woke up (I had to work hard to wake you up. You were really asleep).

     The clock in the hotel is silly. Each hour it splits apart and circles and spins around really fast. It does it every hour because it is glued and the glue lets go over the hour, I think.

     Dad and Grampa came to the hotel and knocked on our door. We let them in and I was glad to see my Dad. We saw the 7:00 on the clock. We went to eat at Eat & Park and I got a cookie and a hot dog and I got a side of fruit cup and chocolate milk. I didn’t eat my hot dog and I didn’t like the pineapple. Daddy ate the pineapple.

     (It’s now 10:45).  Oh that’s my bedtime. We had fun today. 

The end!

(of Wednesday, Part 1. To read Thursday, A Time With Grandson Marcus: Part 2, click on



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  1. I enjoyed reading your grandson’s journal. I did a similar project with mine when I visited him in Arizona. We created a book at his local photo store for him to keep. He still has it.

    Comment by June — April 24, 2012 @ 8:22 am | Reply

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