April 12, 2012

Get Well Cards Requested for Burn Victim



The following post tells the story of a young couple, each of whom experienced extensive burns due to a cooking fire. The worst burned, Samantha, is in Puerto Rico away from her family and friends.  She could benefit from knowing that people care for her.

E-mail messages to:

Send snail-mail cards to Samantha’s grandmother:

Fran Welts

P. O. Box 45

Forbes Road, PA   15633

 Or give cards to

Carolyn C. Holland

And forward the link to this post to others

so that they might send cards:

Get Well Cards Requested for Burn Victim




That life can be changed in an instant is more than a cliché. It is reality, a reality that proved true for Samantha and her husband Jordan, while they were visiting his family in Puerto Rico.


     On Tuesday, December 6, 2011, Samantha was boiling oil to fry something. Suddenly the oil began to smoke and a small fire emerged on the surface of the pan. Samantha grabbed the pan and turned in an effort to get it to the sink.


    She was unaware that her husband Jordan had entered the kitchen and was standing behind her. When she turned the pan bumped against him, spilling its contents onto his back. The oil splashed back over her hand and arm, causing her to drop the pan. Some of the oil splashed onto her face and the remainder flowed down her legs and onto her feet.

     (I scrounged the Internet to locate a picture of what Samantha’s burns might be like, and her grandmother agrees that the picture here tells the story in a thousand words…or less…no words needed on the suffering Samantha is enduring.)





They were taken to a hospital burn unit. Jordan was in critical condition with third degree burns on his back, one leg, and an arm. Samantha received second degree burns on her face, her right arm from her elbow to her fingertips, and both lower legs and feet.

     Both are under age twenty-one and have a newborn son.

     Jordan’s mother makes the decisions for the couple because of their age, and the fact that she was the one who took them to the hospital. In Puerto Rico, the person who admits the underage patient to the hospital has the right to make the decisions in the patient’s care.


     Jordan received skin grafts on his back on December 16. Upon discharge from the hospital he returned to his mother’s home. An aunt is caring for the baby.

     Jordan was one week from his Army enlistment date. The Army now has him on “hold” for a year. Then, if his grafts have healed enough, he can enlist.


     Samantha’s recovery is not progressing very well. Initially there was a question of her survival—the only place she was not burned was her back and the back of her thighs. She remained in the intensive care unit for a month.

     At this point her feet are salvaged due to successful skin grafts.

     However, her arm is not healing very well.

     When Samantha was released from the hospital she stayed with her husband’s family. A week after her release her legs stiffened and she couldn’t stand. She became confined to a wheel chair. Her arm became infected, bringing on a threat of amputation.

     They did skin grafts on her arm. However, the skin slipped off her arm when her bandages were removed. She returned to the hospital to start over with the skin grafts. She had her fifth surgery April 5. Currently, she has no more healthy skin that they can use for grafting.

     They must find a way for her to recover to avoid amputation.

     Samantha had one more complication. Her right arm wrist became turned into her palm. Doctors broke it to correct it, and gave her a half-cast on her hand.


     Samantha cannot return to the continental United States until her burns are sufficiently healed. Her mother cannot travel to Puerto Rico. According to her grandmother. She “is close to losing her mind,” according to her grandmother, Fran.


There’s little you or I can do for Samantha except to send her a get well card,

something to show that we care and are thinking of her.  

Via e-mail: (NOTE: Don’t click on this e-mail.

Instead cut and paste it into the address line of your e-mail.this address.)

Snail-mail cards may be sent to Samantha in care of:

Fran Welts

P. O. Box 45

Forbes Road, PA   15633

Or given to

Carolyn C. Holland

     Might I suggest you e-mail your friends and relatives with the  link to this post ( ) so that they can also have the opportunity to send Samantha a card.



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