April 3, 2012

Six-Word Stories



Last year, while participating in the postaday challenge ( Occasionally I responded to their daily topics. On August 22 they presented Topic #227: What story can you write in six words? I described my life in two stories:

  • My mess I guess is jest.
  • Book not finished: ghost writer wanted.

Year 2012: so far, it has taken control of my life, making me wonder if control is just an illusion. One of the major events I experienced occurred at the beginning of February: I was discovered by a sister my mother released for adoption when I was five years old. It was only in mid-January of 2011 that I was discovered by another sister my mother released for adoption (ten years younger than I).

Thus, I now add a third life story, titled Sisters:

  • Surprise! Incredible sisters—two, exactly—revealed.


I enjoyed the challenge of writing these stories, so I decided to write four more stories having nothing to do with my life. They incorporate some of the longest words in the English language (the explanation is in parentheses following each story):

  • Ingesting aopadotenachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrinhipotrimmatosilphioparaomelitok-atakechymenokichlepikossyphophattoperisteralektrionoptekephalliokigklopeleiolagoi-osiraiovaphetraganopterygon could lead to hepaticocholangiocholecystentersotomy.  (Eating a seventeen ingredient Greek dish could lead to gall bladder surgery)
  •  The asseocarnisanguineoviscericartilaginonervomedullary is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious miracle. (the structure of the human body is a wonderful miracle.
  • Church opposition is antidisestablishmentarianism or pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism. (Opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England can be true or false).
  • Inhaling volcanic silica caused his pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. (a lung disease)

That done, I wrote two stories using some of the shortest English words:

  • I am id; you are ego.
  • It’s an ad for ae ai. (It’s an ad for one three toed sloth.)

Now that I’ve had my fun, I challenge you to write a story in six words. If you dare, share the story with my readers and me in the comment box below.





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  1. 6 word challenge hmmmmm…… Farm allergies create storyteller for hire

    Comment by 11cvmshistoricthoughts — April 9, 2012 @ 10:41 pm | Reply

    • Done very quickly—very thought provoking. Are you having any success at storytelling?


      Comment by carolyncholland — April 10, 2012 @ 10:54 pm | Reply

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