April 2, 2012

Welcome Message: April 2012

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     March 21 was the first day of spring. Of course, we’d been experiencing “spring” for weeks. April has arrived: April Days to Celebrate

     It’s been an interesting 2012 winter. The weather was so nice it induced cleanup, so we picked up the remainder of our boxes stored in my daughter’s attic. This was followed by my being contacted by the second daughter my mother released for adoption. Finally, my husband Monte and I spent three weeks in Northern New York State—my brother-in-law broke his hip and didn’t make it through post-surgery recovery period. We closed our time in New York by planning and attending his funeral.

     Life happens. My novel isn’t happening. The blogs I manage are suffering. I’ve been down to the basics. But life happens. And life does regain its balance—sometimes sooner than later.

     It’s spring, a time for renewal. Unfortunately, the weather genie disagrees. After all the spring weather during the winter season, we are now getting late winter temperatures—and the fruit blossoms are suffering.

     Think spring—dandelions, gardens, bright colors.

Spring…the joy and pathos of the…DANDELION

Divide Your Plants—And Share the Goodies

Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Just a reminder:

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month… (site child abuse category)


Characteristics of and lures used by child molesters

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: A Devotion

Hope for Victims of Domestic Violence

…and Poetry Month (site poetry category)

A celebration of poetry in April


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