March 1, 2012




Nancy Lipsius

Her blue-gray eyes looked directly into mine when she speaks or listens.

She is calm and quiet and strong.

She weeps at the death of a bird and has the strength of a thousand men when face to face with human tragedy.

Not a birthday, or a special holiday or anniversary passes that she does not acknowledge in some way.

She is a wife and a mother and has not lost her identity.

Her smile lights up everyone’s day.

Without being Pollyanna she manages to come to a positive solution in seemingly impossible situations.

She is faithful.

She is loyal.

She does not carry grudges, does not allow petty wrongs or hurts to penetrate her serenity.

She accepts her family members and her friends for what they are and not what they are worth.

She has discovered college and attends each class alive and glowing with anticipation.

She does not ask “what can I do to help?” she does it.

She likes to dress well and look attractive but does not make this her life’s ambition.

She uses adversity as a challenge.

She is slow and methodical and accomplishes much.

She is materially poor. She is rich in character and integrity.

Her most endearing quality is the tenderness with which she treats her husband and son.

If she irritates me in any way it is that she can stretch a dollar further than I can.

I feel privileged to have a middle daughter like Cynthia.





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