February 16, 2012

Practice Your Smile for ‘Share a Smile Day’



Are you practicing your smile to prepare for Share a Smile Day, March 1?


She (Karissa Kunco, 21 ) was the most positive person. She was the perfect example of what a daughter should be…Her smile just made everything better.*

She (Dawnielle Victor, 12) made everything fun…She was always smiling.**


     The legacy both these young women left for their loved ones was their smiles, which were constant, sincere, and made things better.

     That’s what smiles do. They improve life. They make things better.

     To some extent, we all know how to spot a genuine smile, basically (with) this formula:  Genuine Smile =Crinkly Eyes*3

     The crinkly eyes provide the insightful clue to the genuineness of a smile. The lack of crinkly eyes (or too much botox) is indicative of a fake, put-on smile.

     Paul Ekman wrote in his book, Emotions Revealed, that he discovered the presence of one crucial muscle around the eyes (the obicularis oculi, pars lateralis) that contracts during a genuine smile. This muscle is extremely difficult to manipulate at will. In a real smile, the eyebrows and the skin between the upper eyelid and the eyebrow come down very slightly.

     In a fake smile, the only muscle that moves is the zygomatic major muscle, which runs from the cheekbone to the corner of the lips.*3

     A survey by the Opinion Research Corp. International, 1997, determined the frequency of people’s smiles as follows:

     Number of smiles per day at home – all adults:

  • Five to 20 times: 46 percent
  • More than 20 times: 36 percent
  • Less than five times: 14 percent

Number of smiles-per-day at work – all adults:

  •  Five to 20 times: 30 percent
  • More than 20 times: 28 percent
  • Less than five times: 13 percent *5

    Choose this day...whether to smile or whether to frown...

     But perhaps the survey asked the wrong question. Perhaps the question How frequently do you smile should be changed to How frequently do you cause other people to smile?

     This question is an oxymoron, however, because we all know that real, genuine, authentic, natural, smiles are infectious. So we circle back to the question How can you get yourself to smile more?


     The year 2012 is fleeting by. There are only fourteen more February days until March 1, Share a Smile Day. Are you practicing your smile in preparation?

     During these fourteen days keep track of how many persons you cause to smile each day. It’s not that difficult to elicit smiles from others. My husband Monte elicited smiles in two children and their mother when he positioned himself in front of the store television camera the boys were viewing themselves in.

     I ran across a site titled The 21-Day Smile Diet (link below, *6) which might be helpful if you have difficulty practicing smiling (I know I’m only giving you fourteen days…not 21).


     When your time comes to leave this earth, wouldn’t you like your legacy to be She (he) was always smiling… Her (his) smile just made everything better.


*Twenty-one year old Baldwin, Pennsylvania, Karissa Kunco was a homicide victim in  mid-January, 2012, cut down early in life by her twenty-two year old ex-boyfriend, Jordan Clemons.

** Dawnielle Victor (Connellsville, Pennsylvania) was a twelve-year old fatality in a car accident on January 13, 2012



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*5 Opinion Research Corp. International, 1997




  1. Smiles are wonderful. I am glad there will be a day for smiles and the sharing of them. Great post. Very positive. 🙂

    Comment by strawberryindigo — February 16, 2012 @ 3:36 am | Reply

  2. Carolyn…you are a smiler and encourage smiles also !

    Comment by Joan — February 16, 2012 @ 8:28 am | Reply

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