February 9, 2012

Do I Truly Want the Winter Cold & Snow?



     This week Kathleen, who lives in a Buffalo, New York, suburb, called.

     “It’s like spring here,” she said. “It snows a little, then it clears. It’s really one freaky winter. It’s 45 degrees today. I hope it doesn’t throw off the sequence of nature.

     “We’re used to frigid single digit weather in February, when a warm day is 30 degrees. “

Feb. 2011 snow is backdrop for hungry squirrel

     I, too, have enjoyed the wonderful January into February weather, the 45 degree days. But it has also frustrated me in that it encouraged me to clean my garage rather than hibernating in the house writing. True, I’ve accomplished a lot, both in the garage and sorting through boxes moved into the house from my daughter’s attic (stored there when we moved ten years ago). I now actually have the cups that go with my teacup saucers. I’ve also fed an abundant meal to the paper recycling bins in Ligonier.

     However, January usually offers frigid/snow-filled weather that allows hibernation, a time to regroup and rest from the holidays. January 15th is my scheduled writing date.

     And not much writing has been accomplished this year, 2012.

     In consolation, I read about weather in other locations, like the northwestern part of the United States:

A winter storm blasted the Pacific Northwest Wednesday, dumping near-record snow in some areas, hammering parts of Oregon with winds as high as 110 mph and bringing much of the region to a standstill. From the Washington state capital in Olympia to the (more…)

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