January 26, 2012

Recipe For a Wedding Potpourri



THE WEDDING—a timeless ceremony connecting man with his ancient and his future generations…

THE WEDDING POTPOURRI—of herb and spice, a fragrant reminder of bygone eras…

Begin with the SESAME SEED—the oldest mythological plant found recorded on historic Assyrian tablets…

Tales of wisdom, words of faith, burst forth from the mighty MUSTARD SEED.

For marriage and fruitfulness, chastity and eternal love, enter the fragrant ORANGE BLOSSOMS

The ORANGE, giving happiness and prosperity, is a well-chosen gift.

Dedicated to Aphrodites and Venus; symbolic of love and beauty, CINNAMON is for sharing, as ‘My fortune id yours.’

Add dignity and restraint with lovely CLOVE: Hear its message: ‘I love you secretly.’

A mascot flower for lovers? Oh, yes! Reach for MARJORAM, Gain kindness and courtesy, comfort and consolation.

Feisty FENNEL will preserve your health, plus it will yield sexual vigor!

And for those hidden merits, CORIANDER comes.

Arabians, it is told, use sweet smelling ANISE in a mix recommended as a sex inducer!

There’s ROSEMARY for remembrance

pray you love, remember me.

it’s presence revives men,

gives enduring love, devotion and memory. 

                          Grow for two ends—-it matters not at all

                          Be’t for my bridal, or my burial.  (Sir Thomas Moore)

Mellow MINT, beware, ‘twas sought times ago for violent love and consolation.

For Glory, for Reserrection, seek the BAY tree: it symbolizes reward, a well-won victory.

Tree of the sun, symbol of harvest; for passion and discretion, bask in the beauty of the LEMON.

BASIL, A Wedding song:  Fine, fine, smell and pick it

                                             Its leaves are fine, make a bunch of it

                                             For the brides and bridegrooms.

                    The Chorus:   O BASIL, O women

                                             The BASIL, O women

                                             The BASIL, the BASIL.

For esteem and domestic virtue, for saying I respect you deeply,

For health and longevity, and store of children (the blessing of God).

The ancient Arab proverb goeth: How can a man die with SAGE in his garden?


To make a wedding potpourri, blend varying amounts of the above spices together until a pleasing scent is attained.









ANSWERS to the ‘Find the Herb & Spice’ Quiz posted at the link ‘Find the Herb & Spice’ Quiz :

Remember, all the spice names are spelled backwards.

  1. Pure gas should be used in this project.
  2. The new trellis about the garden makes it look very pleasing to the eye.
  3. Do not tarry about paying your income tax.
  4. Hey Mom, a Dracula is after me. Help!
  5. You must pin, tack, and stitch that garment in order to have it turn out professionally.
  6. This ship is all I navigated on the open sea.
  7. Give sin a chance and the devil will have control of you.
  8. The choir member had to beg a robe from another member.
  9. To cook cod, rub lemon on it.
  10.   You can flub or achieve; you make your own difference.
  11.   The red leaf makes the shrub unique.
  12.   You must find a short pencil, rag, button, and fork for the scavenger hunt.
  13.   There is a cop! Oh no!
  14.   Anne came home today.
  15.   The foil lid won’t seal.
  16.   Mural, cod, rats, umbrella, and taste were words in the spelling bee.
  17.   The gem tunneled into the velvet lining.
  18.   I decided no, I now wanted that role in the play.


  1. I am so glad you posted the Wedding Potpourri recipe. I had lost mine. Thank you.

    Comment by June — February 8, 2012 @ 8:59 am | Reply

  2. Great Herb Quiz. Well done

    Comment by June — February 8, 2012 @ 9:07 am | Reply

  3. You’re welcome. Later, I have another Herb & Spice quiz I will post later this month. These came from programs I’ve presented on herbs and spices. I had a business selling them and doing programs on them while I lived in Atlanta.

    Carolyn Cornell Holland

    Comment by carolyncholland — February 8, 2012 @ 11:18 am | Reply

    • I will be looking forward to the next challenge. Thank you for your efforts

      Comment by June — February 8, 2012 @ 12:06 pm | Reply

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