January 15, 2012

Such Balmy January 2012 Weather—Enjoyable and Frustrating




     January 15th, 2012…is the first month of the year almost history? Like the twelve months in 2011, 2012 is zipping past almost without notice. Until January 11th the weather was wonderfully temperate here in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Then it dipped down to ten degrees. On Friday we woke to snow—you might know, that day I had to travel to Latrobe, Pennsylvania, where I facilitate the Beanery Writers Group. I didn’t want to cancel since we hadn’t met since December 9th—we cancel the second meeting in December due to Christmas celebrations.

     That said, the temperate climate somewhat irritated me. I know—I should have enjoyed it—and so I did. However, my annual January goals are to rest and recuperate from the onslaught of three successive holidays, and to clear up loose ends in preparation for serious writing I schedule to start January 15th. Usually I count on hibernating away from foot-high snow and below freezing temperatures. This year the temperatures were in the forties and sometimes the low fifties.

     We lived in Atlanta, Georgia, for three years. My biggest adjustment was not having an excuse to hibernate in January. The weather was too nice.

     Don’t get me wrong—I loved the nice weather. But I seriously missed the hibernation, the grounding, the preparation for a new year with its new and renewed goals.

     I pretty much had a list of things to do during my 2012 hibernation. Among them was to map out the Lamoine area of Hancock County in three time eras, reactivate the search for the burial site of Charles F. Walker (a Civil War veteran), complete my Christmas letters (especially the international ones that weren’t done), attempt to get a copy of a birth certificate of my Lithuanian great grandmother (available in Minersville, Pennsylvania), complete a set of newspaper articles…well, the list goes on.

     Instead, I found myself removing the Christmas decorations from the outside trees, cleaning in the garage, and taking walks for exercise. All very needed tasks—but mistimed. I didn’t expect to untrim the trees until spring. Cleaning the garage is an good-weather job which I also expected to tackle come spring. And walks—an occasional one in the crisp cold after or during a fresh snowfall.

     I’ve pushed back my writing time by a week. It will now begin on January 21st, not January 15th.  However—we are now planning a trip to Cleveland on the 21st. It’s my son’s fortieth birthday this week!

     Thus, the writing date has become February 1st.  Not good.

     Not that I want the cold and supersnows to come. What I do want is the excuse to hibernate that winter weather provides. Thus, as I clean the garage and take walks, enjoying this blessing of good weather, I also regret not hibernating and sticking to my designated January tasks.

     When all is said and done, I am accomplished much during the first two weeks of 2012. I’ve taken a large bite out of sorting my photographs stored on computer—the remaining large bites will be chewed slowly throughout the year—and organizing my slides, which I scanned to the computer last January. The baubles are off the trees, except for those candy-mimicking ones on the apple tree, the icicle trims on an azalea bush, and a few miscellaneous red bows appropriate to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

     And I must say—after a summer of procrastinating on sorting through my hoard in the garage, I’ve bitten off a large chunk of the work.

     I’ve also purchased and wrapped some Christmas gifts for December, and figured much of my annual Christmas ornament for the end-of-the-year holiday.

     All this work is work no longer postponed. When the nice weather hits I can sit on my patio writing because this work is done.

     I have managed to do some writing. Not much, but some. I just need to get into the groove.  I’ve written several posts and a short-short story in an unusual genre for me. It’s a paranormal story that encompasses a child sexual abuse subtheme.


     The cold, wintry weather is now here. The ground is covered with a thin white blanket, the driveway is developing a thin sheet of ice, the wind is gusting, and I am happy to be indoors. It’s time to prepare for my February 1st writing date.

     Please forgive my whining for the day. I promise I will avoid this in the future—that is, unless I continue to lose control of my schedule!



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  1. I always feel like I’m wearing a sign that says ” Go Ahead mess up my schedule” I hardly try anymore! We too have enjoyed the thermal reprieve for the early part of january but today we pay back with bitter cold. Just 3 degrees this a.m. and the sun making no attempt to thaw the frozen ground. No snow in CT. but some world class frozen mud! I did some work tonight, I am using the long weekend to regroup after a whirlwind week. If it stays cold I too will enjoy a few hibernation projects.

    Comment by carolynstearns (@carolynstearns) — January 16, 2012 @ 12:03 am | Reply

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