September 30, 2011

Women’s Friendship Month/Day: Part 2



     Women’s Friendship Month—September—and Women’s Friendship Day, September 28, provides an opportunity to review the long-term women friendships in my life.  This is Part 2 of the post. To read Part 1 click on Women’s Friendship Month/Day: Part 1.


     At this point in my life my husband decided to change careers. We spent three years in Stone Mountain, Georgia, while he attended seminary.

     It is shared experiences that deepen women’s friendships. Unfortunately, when a woman moves repeatedly the bonds of the friendship tend to soften with distance and time. It is difficult to build depth of relationship when women are separated by miles and miles.

     While in Stone Mountain I picked up my friendship with Shirl, whose family had moved there several years previously. However, it wasn’t quite the same. We knew we’d be separated by hundreds of miles in three years, and that seemed to blanket a slight fog over our renewed in-person relationship.

      Meanwhile, I made no attempt to develop any meaningful women friendships, knowing it takes time to do so, and three years is usually insufficient.

     While living for five years in New Castle, Pennsylvania, I met Colleen. Our common interests pulled us together. I also met Lena, who now lives in Florida.  Our bond is special, having a (more…)

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