September 27, 2011

Women’s Friendship Month/Day: Part 1



     Women’s Friendship Month—September—and Women’s Friendship Day, September 28, provides an opportunity to review the long-term women friendships in my life.  This is Part 1 of a two-part post on this subject.


Let’s become little old ladies together- we’ll stay up late looking at old pictures, telling “remember when” stories, and laughing till our sides ache.*


     We’re all growing old as long as we haven’t grasped the alternative. That’s why I so love the Red Hat Ladies, who embrace being at least a half-century old—although the old fifty must be the new sixty-five. Society is changing.

     My women friends have accumulated through a disproportionate number of moves I’ve made during my life. I recall the first of them, ones I had as a young child in Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Kathy Boyle and Rebecca Rice, who lived on Lincoln Avenue, and black-haired alabaster-skinned Penny, who lived on Broad Street.

     I always considered that we lost touch when my mother suddenly moved us from Portsmouth to Buffalo, New York, where her new husband’s family lived. However, thinking back, the ties to these friends were severely frazzled when (more…)

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