September 21, 2011

An Undisclosed Party Guest Turns 70 in 2011



     On September 20, 2011, my husband and I osted Mellow Mike, a Ligonier Pennsylvania) creative group that celebrates life with music, poetry/prose readings, and friendship.

     I had spread the word that we would nclude a birthday party for an undisclosed guest. During the wonderful early autumn evening I presented persons present with the following quiz that offered clues to the undisclosed guest’s identity. See if you can identify the undisclosed birthday guest from the clues.


Our guest turned 70 this year.

  • No, it’s not Gogi Grant, 1950’s singer of The Wayward Wind and voted the most popular female vocalist of 1956. She was born in 1924, making her 87 years old today.

Our guest was born in Buffalo, New York.

  • I went to Kensington High School and the University of Buffalo in Buffalo in that city. I met my husband Monte there—he was a physics professor at the University, and I was a science research technician on campus, preparing to return to college. However, we didn’t meet on campus. We met at his girlfriend’s house. She was a friend of mine. While dating and after our marriage, I was a student and he was a prof.

Our guest still lives in Buffalo, New York.

  • No, it’s not Debbi Morgan, who plays Angie Hubbard on All My Children. In January she began battling with Lyme disease, a chronic condition caused by a tick bite. She’s had it in her system for over 15 years. Ticks spread Lyme disease to both dogs and humans, and Debbi suspects she contracted it from her two pit bulls. No, it’s not Debbi, who turns 55 years old today. Besides, I don’t believe she lives in Buffalo.

Our guest’s identifying color is a distinctive yellow.

  • No, it’s not the school bus—that vehicle is not quite the same pretty shade of yellow as our guest is identified with.

I led some of you wrong—our guest is not a BIG zero, but a LITTLE zero. However, like all of us, our guest’s shape has changed numerous times over seven decades. Regardless, our guest is very healthy. And mighty popular.

  • No, it’s not Sophia Loren, born in Italy in 1934. She turns 77 years old today. And I don’t believe she lives in Buffalo, either.

Buffalo celebrated the guest’s birthday with a Citybration Festival.

I’ll bet ALL of you know our undisclosed guest.

  • This guest has probably been a part of your life, and definitely a part of your children’s and grandchildren’s life.

     To announce the identity of our special guest we have a special event.



     At this point the Mellow Mike keyboard player and member of the Beanery Writers Group* came out of a “cake” (a large box decorated with sheets and ribbon) and quickly switched his keyboard onto an automatic rock tune. He then entertained us with some interesting dancing. In his hands he held the identity of the undisclosed guest: two front panels of a box of Cheerios. 

Birthday guest---Cheerios---disclosed

     Yes, America’s favorite cereal, Cheerios, turned seventy this year. After Dmitri completed his entertaining dance we had cake and candles, sang Happy Birthday, and enjoyed our just dessert.



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