September 2, 2011

Reading the Constitution, Mellow Mike, & Football: Ligonier, Pa., 9/02/11




LIGONIER, PA. 9/02/11

     Tonight was busy in Ligonier, the location of several events. I attended the Reading of the Constitution and Mellow Mike music/reading events held at the Ligonier Theater, which were organized by Diane Cipa.   

Diane Cipa reads the Constitution

     My husband Monte went to the Ligonier Valley High School football game with my daughter Sandy, her husband Michael, and granddaughter Jordan. Neighbor Dan joined them in the stands later.  Ligonier won the game 49-0. After the game, the band, cheerleaders, and baton twirlers marched through town to celebrate the win. They were accompanied by the police and fire company. 

     The Reading of the Constitution was a second-year non-political event meant to familiarize the participants and attendees with the Constitution. It took slightly less than an hour to complete the reading. Approximately thirty persons, including the readers, attended the event. 

The youngest person reading the Constitution

Chuck reads the Constitution

     Immediately following the reading of the Constitution was a Mellow Mike event: a celebration of music, readings of pieces—poetry and prose written by the readers, and musical duets.  Regular participants of the Tuesday evening Mellow Mike events sat on stage, singing the most popular songs used on Tuesday evenings at the Ligonier Tavern: This Land is Your Land, Edelweiss, Let it Be. Audience members were encouraged to sing along. 

     Duets were sung —The Lumberjack Song by Chuck and Sally; Wild Mountain Thyme by Joanne and Joe, and  Hallelujah by Shawn and Andrew. A solo, The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, was sung by Joe.

Sal & Chuck Martin

Joe Stierheim

    Pat led the readings with a poem Autumn. Other readers included Diana, a puppet poem; Joanne, Linn Run—a poem;, and myself reading about Elinor’s Kitlings.  

Pat reads a poem

    An instrumental  group of tunes was played by Pete on his guitar and harmonica.

     The music was accompanied by Marianne McAuliffe on the Native American flute , Doug Harbst on the drum. Guitarists were Steve Powers and Diane Cipa. 439, 461

Steve and Mariannel-r: Marianne, Steve, Diane(l-r) Marianne, Steve, Diane


     All in all a pleasant evening at the theater, organized by Diane Cipa, leader of Mellow Mike. For further information click on her Ligonier Living site link below.



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