September 1, 2011

Ligonier, PA: 2011 Summer Music Fades Into Autumn Sports




     This morning I was enjoying my coffee on the patio, reflecting on the coming fall, and reading the newspaper. The weather grew from being very pleasant to being very menacing. I heard thunder rolling in from the west, which became louder as an end of day darkness descended. I had difficulty seeing the newspaper print by the time I saw and heard lightning strikes. I hurried inside to turn on the lights and proceed with my day’s work.

     Ah, yes. September first. Weather roaring in like a lion. Fortunately, predicted to be like a lamb for the Labor Day weekend. When it is over it will truly be autumn, with its routines and schedules settling in. I hope you all had a memorable summer.


    ‘Tis the end of another summer. In Ligonier, the Chamber of Commerce sponsored Sunday evening concerts on the Diamond ended its season August 28 by hosting the Somerset County Community Band. It included a solo of Frank Sinatra tunes by Mr. Orange, and explanation of the Band commissioned Flight of Valor, a composition honoring the heroes of United Airlines Flight 93. Both received standing ovations from a crowd. Read more by clicking on The 2011 Ligonier (PA) Summer Concert Finale.  


     Last night my granddaughter Jordan and daughter Sandy invited me to the Ligonier Valley School District’s event where the sports players are introduced amidst a tumult of school cheering.

      The senior sports team players were introduced, and the cheerleaders performed a couple of cheers.

     The band played some. Jordan just joined the baton group, which, for some reason, performed after the event was officially ended.

     Unexpectedly, a friend Jan accompanied us (she came to my house to complete some work for the Beanery Writers Group). Her grandson Isaac is on the football team.

An enthusiastic Ligonier Valley School District sports crowd


     The holiday weekend in Ligonier will be ushered in with a one-hour reading of the Constitution at the Ligonier Theater. It will be read in an open relay format, with audience members stepping forward as they decide to read aloud a small portion of the document. It is a non-political celebration of the foundation of our freedoms.

     The reading will be followed by free event, a song- and reading-fest. Participants are encouraged to bring lyric sheets for the sing along and also small instruments to add to the enjoyment of all.  There will be a few poetry readings and solos interspersed in the sing along to give folks a flavor of Mellow Mike.

     This event will give participants and guests an opportunity to support the Ligonier Valley Library—cash donations and checks payable to the Ligonier Valley Library will be collected.

     Sponsors of this lead-into-autumn event are the Mellow Mikers. For further information Diane Cipa, 724-238-7783, or type in Ligonier Living in the search engine (for some reason, I cannot produce the link in this spot)..



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