August 28, 2011

Photographer is Caught on Camera



     Although my father was a chief photographer in the Navy I don’t believe he influenced me—my parents were divorced when I was young and I had no contact with him.

     However, I became the family photographer while still a teenager. I recall having a Brownie camera, and taking “fun” shots. One in particular was of my napping mother. I placed a clean toddler’s potty seat catchbasin on her head for a hat and snapped the memorable photograph.

     Like most photographers, I prefer being on the back side of the camera. I don’t consider myself photogenic, and dislike most of the pictures taken of me. This has made taking pictures of other non-photogenic persons easier…

     While attending an annual Ligonier, Pennsylvania, event, the Ligonier Stroll, a few weeks ago, I became the subject of the camera belonging to a friend, Dmitri. Unbeknownst to me he was snapping pictures of me as I reviewed the results of my trigger finger:

First, engage your trigger finger...

Then review the picture... Hmmmm....Is it that bad???? Or is it that good??????Is it that bad??? Or is it that good????

     Perhaps the pictures are admissible because I didn’t know Dmitri was taking them. Perhaps. Anyway, I can’t complain. I myself take many pictures of others. Turnabout is fair play!



Is it that bad??? Or is it that good???



Two Photographers Named Cornell

BRAMBLES (Brief RAMBLES) 1-6 July 1, 2008

BRAMBLES (Brief RAMBLES) 1-7 July 15, 2008


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