July 24, 2011

From Chutes and Ladders to Notre Dame University Basilica





     “Will you play a game with me?”

     Hmmm. It was eight in the morning. My four year old grandson was leaving soon for preschool, and my husband Monte and I were leaving Cleveland Heights to head for South Bend, Indiana, a stop enroute to our final destination, Libertyville/Evanston, Illinois.

     We chose to add an extra day to our trip so we could see our son, his wife, and the two grandchildren. Immediately on our arrival I found myself on the losing end of a game of air hockey, being outdone by a six year old. Later I played Candy Land with the four year old, and an electronic golf-like game (on television) with the six year old. I also threatened them that their granddad and I would move all out stuff into their spare bedroom and move into their house—which really only threatened our son. All in all, it was a good evening.

     The four year old wandered into our room after we opened the door the next morning. We had a slight wrestling match before heading downstairs to the kitchen. It wasn’t long before we were spread out on the living room floor, engrossed in a game of Chutes and Ladders.


     It was over all too soon, as Monte and I climbed in our car and began our journey and he continued his family routine.

     That’s how our day started. It ended at the opposite end of the spectrum, on the Notre Dame University Campus.

     After a leisurely day of travel, with beautiful weather—sun, blue skies—we arrived at Notre Dame’s Basilica. Monte often (more…)

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