June 30, 2011

Short Life Long Lived



Russell E. Roy

The following poem was written by a board member of the Greater Jamestown Family Support Program, a former child abuse program in Jamestown, Pennsylvania.  It received  funded from a Pennsylvania Children’s Trust Fund grant. Its mission statement was to heal adult survivors of abuse to prevent them from passing their abuse on to their children.

I was pleased to be the facilitator of the grant, which I wrote. I directed the program, presented educational classes to the board and community, and in general performed administrative tasks. In counseling persons who were experiencing problems I learned as much as they did.

Russell E. Roy was blind by the age of 19. He was in his sixties when I came to know him. He delighted in writing poems on a tape recorder, and his friends often called on him to write special poems for their family and friends. He wrote this poem when the Family Support Program ended after a four year run.


In November of 1990 and one,

The Family Support Program was begun.

Some of us who are here today,

Were not there on that starting day.

We cannot tell the good that was done,

Or the goals that were gained by the race that was run.

Members come and members go,

But the facts live on through the ebb and flow.

As individuals we kept in touch,

We each might think we don’t count for much.

As a group we thought as one,

And did not stop ‘til the work was done.

The books will close on the thirtieth of June,

This won’t stop the refrain or slow down the tune.

The work that’s been done by these volunteers,

Will live on and on and will grow through the years.

We may not be mentioned in Jamestown’s history,

And there are those I know who think us a mystery.

What has been done, and what’s been the good?

Much I can say when we worked like we should.

The well-being of others is our goal in life,

To settle their fears and scatter their strife—

Be they mental, or physical, financial as well,

We have done our best their fears to dispel.

Let us take heart on this last meeting day,

As we each one go our own separate way.

We’ve all been a part of this organization,

Just one small group in this great nation.

We tried to do our very best,

When with souls we were dealing.

We encourage them to seek the Lord,

And His spiritual healing.

You may find out in heaven,

Just what was your worth.

When someone there says to you:

You helped me back on earth!

None of this would have been possible without our friends, Carolyn and Monte Holland. —Russell



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