June 19, 2011

Newspaper Acrostic: June 12, 2010



Last week my husband Monte and I drove to Lakeside, Ohio (on Lake Erie). While reading the newspaper during the drive, I decided to write an acrostic poem. June 12 was the perfect newspaper to choose, since that day is Monte’s birthday.

AMERICAN SPIRIT is live in large in small towns,

served generously in local roadside diners.

BLOOD—just a drop—of beautified Pope, John Paul II

Is now on a Krakow church altar, there to be venerated.

CAMEL’S carbon footsteps in Australia aren’t green.

They crop-munch and belch methane, ignoring global warming.

DEVELOPING NATIONS, like China, have a pass to pollute,

Giving the world’s green people such conniptions.

EXPORT natural gas from America—import more costly, dirty, OPEC oil?

It’s surely a mistake—are we to be the dumbest nation?

FRACKING—hydraulic fracturing—combined with horizontal drilling,

changed the natural gas world—will it benefit us Americans?

GRUDGE holding city crows—angered and crossed—

attack D. C.’s police, so to protect their younguns

HORSE hurt—injured right rear stifle— is now doing better, 

the result of research—he received stem cell treatment.

IRIS scan and passport info chips, were tested in Singapore

at Checkpoint of the Future—is this airport dignity?

JUNREY, my man, you’ve made a Guinness mark,

at 24.25 inches tall, you’re the shortest adult ever.

KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS—I wonder—was it kindness or greed for power?

When in the movie, an enterprising heir eliminates eight of his relatives.

LEGS struck by bullets and shrapnel, he’s determined to fly again.

He claims not to be a hero, but being wounded, helped airlift a soldier.

MOUNTAIN PEAKS for sale—pair of Austrian Alps cost $175,800—

at sixty-five hundred feet altitude, have the most stunning views

NATURAL GAS prices could jump 11.6% if natural gas is exported

to overseas energy-thirsty Asian and European countries

ORLANDO MOTHER’S two-year-old child’s remains found in wooded-scene.

Did she drown in a pool—or at her mother’s hands, something more obscene?

PAKISTAN site was struck by suicide bombers, twice in a row,

Was it retaliation for the covert Navy Seal raid that killed Osama bin Ladin?

QUEEN ELIZABETH’S BIRTHDAY, officially April twenty-first,

is celebrated on June’s second Saturday, when it’s much better weather.   

RABID BEAVERS bit three Philadelphians early in June,

baffling metro wildlife officials, who said it’s  “truly bizarre.”

SATELLIT DISH’S poorest customers must choose, not one cable company or another.

They’re choosing to sacrifice their third meal to eat cake on satellite dishes.  C1

TURKISH VOTERS trot to elections likely to shape their constitution, their conflict with restless Kurds,

and their definition of citizenship—

but are they really voting whether Prime Minister Recep Erdogan should be crowned leader for the next twelve years?

URN left  at thrift store! Whose Gramdmother’s ashes does it contain?

It came from a house that was cleaned out—Michigan is mystified.   

VICTORY  for rebels! They captured an important port city, forcing troops of

Moammar Gadhafi to close the coast highway, a key supply route from Tunisia.

VELOCIRAPTORS! A new word—what is it? A flock of crows attacking police officers?

One tried to scare them away with the siren—oops! Droppings painted his car.

WEINER resists the Democratic call to resign, taking instead a leave of absence.

Couldn’t we go leaner on Wiener? There’s much more important news to sense.

XAVIER’S not mentioned, Paul is left out of the sports news article

about the difficulty of finding good pitchers to play for the Pirates.

YANKELEVITZ will be seventy, aids quadriplegics lip-control and head-operate joystick controls.

What will quadriplegics do without his sustaining mouth-operated  video game creativity?

ZOMBULAND, starring Woody Harrelson—filmed in 2009—earned three stars.

Its story: survivors of an apocalypse join forces against zombies. 


Greensburg Tribune-Review, June 12, 2011



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