April 25, 2011

A Chance Encounter With a Chicago Writer



     On our last day in the Chicago area my husband Monte took me to explore the downtown area. My daughter, Sandy, had visited Chicago the previous July and had recommended we see landmarks that impressed her—the ferris wheel at the Navy Pier; the Cloud Gate Sculpture (a. k. a. the Bean), the Sears Tower—and, what she thought would especially appeal to me, the Chicago Tribune building. I visited the ferris wheel with Darlene, and we didn’t get to the Sears Tower.

     We did cross the bridge over the Chicago River enroute to the Chicago Tribune building—a massive, tall, landmark with both ancient and modern artifacts embedded in the stones of its building.

     We entered the lobby and watched as guards checked identification of persons allowed to enter the newspaper tower. I watched, wishing one of them would take me for a tour of the offices.

     The day was cold and windy, and my husband Monte and I looked for a restaurant before we were to board the public transportation that would return us to our car. We finally spotted a small sandwich shop in a building that included a library. There were four tables that would seat up to eight persons comfortably.

     While my husband Monte was paying for our snack—a quiche with salad on the side—I scanned the tables looking for a seat. I noticed a woman sitting alone. She seemed pleased that I asked her if she’d like company. We soon discovered that we were both writers. Not many words later, I learned she wrote a book, The not-so-empty nest: How to live with your kids after they’ve lived someplace else, and that she formerly wrote for the Chicago Tribune. I handed her one of my business cards, and she handed me her driver’s license so I could accurately record her name. I noticed that Phyllis Feuerstein was born eighty years ago.

     Before we departed company Phyllis told us to call her the next time we came to Chicago.

     We certainly will. We feel like we made a new friend.



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