March 21, 2011

“Beyond Dumb” Parenting



If you leave my driveway the police will be notified immediately.

     The young man’s wife and two children, ages two and four, were leaving our home after spending several months with us. He brought a small rented van to transport their belongings. There was only room in the front for two persons. The upshot was that the man, over forty years old, was going to travel six hours to his home with the boys and their mother in the back of the packed van.

     That’s when I made the threat to contact the state police if the van left my driveway.


     This type of parenting apparently isn’t unique. A thirty-five year old Fall River (Massachusetts) man was accused of locking his two sons, ages three and six, in the trunk of his car while he ran an errand at a sailing shop. He told investigators the boys like to play in the trunk. (November 2009)

  •      I passed a man parked in an alley. On his lap was a two or three year old boy. “He likes to drive the truck,” the father told me proudly. “He sits on my lap and drives it down the mountain into town.”
  •      A twenty-nine year old Southwest Greensburg woman took her three week-old infant to a party where she allegedly became “severely intoxicated,” got into a fight, after which she carried her daughter half a mile to a friend’s house. (Sept. 2010)
  •      A 22-year old Greensburg (PA) mother said she left to go to the store after receiving a text message from the babysitter saying she was on her way to the job…The child, two, who was dressed in a one-piece, footed sleeper in about 30-degree weather, was outside an apartment playing with garbage when found by the police.
  •      After the East Liberty (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) mother was heard saying she didn’t want her three-month old son and wanted to kill him, she left her friend’s home with the child. Then she returned, without the infant. She had left him alone outside, in freezing temperatures, wearing only a “filthy, leaking” diaper.” It was discovered that he suffered from severe diaper rash but had no other injuries.


     What’s wrong with these decisions? How could the parents have solved their problems with a safer, healthier decision? Do these decisions have a common denominator?



Punishment or Neglect: Neither is Correct

CHILDREN LEFT HOME ALONE (or in cars alone)

Fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath





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  1. Well, they are all moronic to differing degrees! The first one was just a simple matter of hiring a truck and the van, and/or someone to drive one of the vehicles! He could have had some of his stuff shipped ahead to where he was going! It seems money may have been an issue; but, regardless, he should not have had to put his wife and childrens’ lives in danger that way! He would have been better leaving them and coming back for them at a later time, after he got him and their stuff situated wherever he was going! He could have put the stuff in storage temporarily if need be; that’s what I would have done! Did they have car seats, the two kids? If not, he needed to borrow or purchase them from someone! Well, one or both may have needed a booster seat!
    As far as the other’s they all have a different situation, and the severity of each varies! Was it cold when the said individual carried her daughter, did she have her wrapped up warm enough? If the answer is yes to the first and no the second, then she definately, made a very poor choice; and could have been accused of child-endangerment! I carried my son as a toddler in all kinds of weather; but, I also made sure he was dressed warm enough, and if not I took my own coat or jacket off and covered him with it! But, that was usually on rare occasions and due to not having a vehicle, and I usually didn’t or wasn’t walking very far (from downtown latrobe to Lloydsville, which is where we lived at the time!), though, usually I had a stroller; but, remember carrying him some as well! But, as I said I made sure he was always warm enough, even if it meant some discomfort for myself! As far as the man who let his son drive that was just moronic, no excuses or sympathy for him at all! The same for the mother who thought it was okay to leave her child alone just because the baby-sitter was supposedly on her way! And for that last one, the one who left the baby outside in a leaky diaper; she should never had had a child in the first place! She should definately be arrested for child-endangerment, neglect, and abuse! Julia

    Comment by Julia E. Torockio — March 21, 2011 @ 4:13 pm | Reply

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