January 15, 2011

26 Devotions Based on the Alphabet: The Letter S



Monte Holland

Several persons have expressed an interest in having my husband, the Rev. Monte W. Holland, post an online series of devotions. Through their encouragement, Monte will post a weekly devotion on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS. To read the introduction click on 26 Devotions Based on the Alphabet: Introduction. Click on 26 Devotions Based on the Alphabet: The Letter R to read the previous post on the letter R.

Return to this site each Saturday to read his devotions.  Carolyn C. Holland



Strive to enter the narrow door; for many I tell you, will seek to enter and not be able. (Luke 13:24)

     Living the Christian life is not “a piece of cake” or “a walk in the park,” metaphorically speaking. We are hard wired with a tendency to stray from the “straight and narrow.”

     The annual arrival of the Lenten season reminds us that sin is real, and that living as a Christian must be intentional.

     During winter I’m caught out on icy roads from time to time. Sometimes it is a country road that has a crown in the middle. As I travel along, I must stay alert to keep the car from sliding left into the opposing lane, or right off the edge of the road.

     Today’s verse reminds me of coming upon a narrow bridge on a crowned icy road. It requires real care and skill to make it over that bridge without sliding either way, perhaps hitting the bridge abutment and not making it to the other side of the bridge.

     This may not happen often because our roads are usually well salted and therefore not slick. Catastrophe is avoided because someone took the time to prepare the way for our safe passage.

     In our spiritual lives the door is narrow and the road to it is treacherous. It is easy to slide off the edge of the road into the spiritual ditch. As Christians we realize that we cannot make it alone. Someone must “salt” our path, enabling us to keep us on the “straight and narrow.” That someone is Jesus.

     I like what an author wrote in the Upper Room on Christmas Day:

Jesus — Emmanuel, “God with us”— shows us how to be human. Starting with his vulnerable infancy, we don’t see him “saving souls” so much as entering into, living into, and saving our humanity by inviting us into the hands of God, hands that lovingly shape us into who we are created to be. God’s promise is nothing less than life in all its fullness, and fully alive, we glorify the One who is always with us. And that’s another good story. —John Franklin (Manawatu, New Zealand)

     Do you feel the invitation into the hands of God? Accept it to be on the “straight and narrow,” to find the fullness of life, and to be fully alive. No “door” will be too narrow for you to go through with Jesus’ help!


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