November 12, 2010

26 Devotions Based on the Alphabet: The Letter J




Monte Holland

Several persons have expressed an interest in having my husband, the Rev. Monte W. Holland, post an online series of devotions. Through their encouragement, Monte will post a weekly devotion on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS. To read the introduction click on 26 Devotions Based on the Alphabet: Introduction. Click on 26 Devotions Based on the Alphabet: The Letter I to read the previous post on the letter I.

Return to this site each Saturday to read his devotions.  Carolyn C. Holland


     Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

     The older I get the more things are different. Many people I knew in my youth are no longer living on earth. My parents’ generation are all gone. It is only natural to long for the “good old days.”

     I started out on a farm in Northern New York. We lived on a back country road, but it was paved. Our contact with the world was through radio and the newspapers and magazines. We didn’t have a whole lot, but we managed fine. We never locked our doors or kept a gun in the house. We went to a one-room country school. The little town a few miles away had a store, a church and a grange hall.

     The country school is gone. The school system has changed. What is taught has changed dramatically due to the huge influx of knowledge over the past sixty years.

     The grange halls are vacant or gone due to the fact that many people quit farming. Other patterns of community living have emerged.

     In those days the stories of Jesus were taught in the little country church. They were being taught around the world, and they still are today. In this time of rapid change—economic ups and downs, new technical developments, political upheaval, floods, sunamis, and festering violence—Jesus remains a powerful figure. He never wore a three-piece suit. He never caught a Steelers game. He never flew a fighter jet. He never made a big haul by insider trading. He never was a TV evangelist. He never flipped the switch for an execution. He never promised a tax cut or an economic stimulus. He never lied. He never committed adultery. He never ran an attack ad against those who opposed his message.

     How then does Jesus remain relevant?

     First of all, we need to acknowledge that many people consider Jesus irrelevant. Second, many greedy, power hungry people have tried to change Jesus’ message to suit their quest for wealth and abandonment of the less fortunate.

     However,  Jesus still brings good news for those of us who still seek quality of life for all persons and a just peace in the world. I may never see the day when the rich aren’t getting richer and the poor aren’t getting poorer, or that all the peoples in the Holy Land live with justice and without violence. On the other hand, the unchanging words of Jesus and the promptings of the Holy Spirit that Jesus left with us will remain to convince future generations to turn back to a way of life more in touch with this unchanging man.


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