September 27, 2010




     I recall a time when I received a gift.

     We lived in Atlanta, Georgia.  On a marvelous late-summer evening I was driving to Roswell to visit my cousin. The car windows were open, and mixed with the wind sounds was a favorite classical symphony playing on the car radio.

     A black van pulled up behind me, following too close. The driver was waved at me, almost flirtatiously, invading my “space.” When I attempted to maneuver away from him, he stuck close to my tailgate. I was getting very nervous.

     I knew a gas station was about a mile down the road. I pulled into the right lane.  Even in the heavy traffic, the man kept tailgating and waving. My eyes searched for a police officer.

     When I neared the entrance of the gas station, I didn’t put on my turn signal. I just made a sharp turn into the parking area.

     To my surprise, the van followed.

     Since there were a few people outside, I began to get out of the car. As I did so, the man opened his door. He frantically waved and called to me—

     “You’ve got a flat tire!”

     So I did. This kind man, who was enroute to a softball game, took the time to change my tire before continuing on. He acknowledged that he would arrive late.

     He never gave me his name. I could only repay his kindness by passing it forward.

     Which isn’t such a bad idea. The children and the gentleman enroute to a softball game provided me with plenty of reason to perform random acts of kindness.

     What “random act of kindness” can you perform for someone you know, or someone who is a stranger? What “random act of kindness” has someone done for you?

     Perhaps you will share it with my readers in the comment box at the end of this post.





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  1. I enjoyed this story very much; what seemed like a disater waiting to happen, turned out for the best! I always, try to pay it forward; but,usually do it anonomously! For example, just being freindly with or smiling at someone who you don’t know! Or just saying Hi, might cheer up someone’s day! I try to help others in secret where I can and when I can; I figure my reward will be in heaven, though, I don’t really do it for any reward other than feeling good inside, and feeling like a much better person for doing so!

    Comment by Julia — September 27, 2010 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

  2. hey How can I be a contributor?

    Comment by joy — September 27, 2010 @ 9:54 pm | Reply

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