September 16, 2010

Stockings for Jesus



     The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

     “In all the years I’ve visited people’s homes during the Christmas season, I’ve seen many stockings hung by the proverbial ‘chimney’ I’ve never seen one hung for Jesus. And it’s his birthday,” my friend Linda Bondurant said.

     Linda, who lives south of Atlanta, Georgia, believes this should change, and is challenging Christians all over the United States to hang a stocking for Jesus this year.

     “Everyone has a place to hang a stocking,” she said.

     I’m suggest expanding her idea: for all others who hang stockings in the Christmas tradition, hang an additional stocking with God’s name on it.

     As I write this post there are three months—ninety-eight days—until the first time zone on planet earth reaches December 25th, 2010. That is, 2372 hours, 142,270 minutes (the seconds are ticking by rapidly—at the moment I’m posting, it is 8,536,196 seconds).* 


     Invite all your houseguests who visit you on these days to prepare for Christmas by placing a gift in the stocking each time they visit. Linda suggests cash, gift cards, whatever, to help people in need. Place note cards/paper and a pen/crayons/markers by the stocking for use by your guests who are themselves trapped in today’s financial milieu.

     “They can write a note of encouragement,” Linda said. “Children can make cards and/or drawings.”

     The stockings can be taken to church on Christmas Eve, or the Sunday preceding Christmas (in 2010, Christmas is on a Saturday). Or, alternatively, the stockings can be given, by you, to a human service agency or to a person you know is struggling—we all know someone in need, she said. The latter choice offers an opportunity to give for people who have lost confidence in agencies, or for people to show love to a family who is falling into the cracks. It also offers an alternative for giving by persons who don’t give “due to fear, greed and mistrust,” or those persons who feel that “pastors don’t do it right, so I want the ball in my court.”

         All Linda asks, while making a challenge to everyone, is that the stockings are donated in “a manner that would make Jesus proud.”

     In so doing, you will be not only be giving Jesus his birthday gift, you  will be creating a Christmas miracle.



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