August 26, 2010

An Awakening on a Beach Walk



Nancy Briskay Cornell Holland

     The ocean beach scene below could be Wallis Sands Beach in New Hampshire, Lamoine Beach or Old Orchard Beach in Maine, or a Connecticut beach in near one of the communities my late mother spent her childhood.


     Tentatively reaching out long slender fingers, the newly awakened sun dispelled the remaining wisps of fog rising out of the blue-gray water. Here and there, dotted on the surface of the ocean, reflections of the sun sparkled, winked and disappeared. Soft ripples crossed the calm surface of the water, testifying to the awakening of life below the surface. A foghorn, sounding eerie and remote and somewhat comforting, sang out like a husky tenor, throaty and sad.

     Yielding an imprint of my every step, creating a human pattern along the shore, the sand felt clean and damp under my bare feet. Caressing my skin, a soft breeze held an ever-so-slight promise of delicious warmth. The smell of the sea was in my nostrils. My lips savored the taste of salt.

     As I walked along the beach, a crab scuttled into its hole. Sandpipers, ignoring (more…)


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