August 13, 2010

Journaling—Try It. You Might Enjoy It.


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     On August 7, the Rev. Manasseh Cutler was traveling from Ipswhich, Massachusetts, to the Muskingum River in the Northwest Territory, Ohio. His travels began on July 19.

     …we took the Glade road to the left…(from Bedford, a shire-town)…We then began to ascend the Allegheny Mountains; our ascent pretty steep; very anxious…We passed an old empty cabin, where we found fine feed in the road, clover mid-leg high, and here we baited our horses for some time. We then began to ascend the Allegheny Mountains; our ascent pretty steep; very anxious…Before we began to descend the Allegheny Mountains, we came into the wagon road, which relieved our fears. We baited our horses for a few minutes at the first house, a Dutch cabin. The descent of the Alleghany Mountains is not steep, but the road is new and bad. We went on to Black’s, in the Glades, twenty-three miles from our last stage, where we breakfasted, without eating or drinking anything bur water by the way, and arrived about sunset. A fine, cool day. From this place, the waters run west. The Allegheny Mountains is the line between the east and west waters…Friday, Aug. 8…This is a pretty good house for this country, a good plantation, and prices reasonable. Went on just after sunrise…Our next stage at Coldpenny’s tavern, about nine and a half miles…Road passable and breakfast tolerable good. A prodigious number of pack-horses at this stage.

     Went on six miles to Laurel Mountain. The ascent not steep; moderately good over the mountain to the descent, except muddy and wet; but the descent is very steep; the road tolerable after we got to the bottom. It is ten miles over this mountain. A poor French house six miles on, but nothing to be had; and at the foot west is a poor house—not much to be had. Went on three miles to Anfret’s, a Dutch house, on Chestnut Ridge, where we lodged…here we dined and supped in the same meal; a good keeping for horses and passable for ourselves. Traveled to-day twenty-eight miles. (total 571)

     Saturday, Aug. 9. Did not set out very early. Went on to Mount Pleasant township, seven miles, and breakfasted at Kneely’s tavern, a good house. From this, we proceeded to Sumrell’s Ferry, thirteen miles…Four miles short of the ferry, I stopped to see Jarvis…Jarvis was gone to Hannah’s Town…We crossed Youghiogheny River just before we came to Sumrell’s…year 1788.***

     This long introduction about Southwestern Pennsylvania was written in 1788.  I chose it because it relates a road trip over Laurel Mountain. I suspect the route Rev. Cutler traveled was today’s Route 31—thus, he didn’t pass by the Laurel Mountain foothill where I live—Route 30. If I am correct, he would have traveled quite near Chuck and Sal Martin’s home. Sal, a member of the Beanery Writers Group, writes local history.

     Rev. Cutler couldn’t suspect that 222 years after he wrote his journal a writer would be using it as (more…)

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