August 5, 2010

Old Testament History Progresses



SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5:17   “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill….”  (KJV)

REFLECTION: After a vicious thunderstorm I sat in a rocky cove at Wallis Sands Beach, New Hampshire, watching five to ten foot waves roll shoreward with undefeatable purpose, hitting the sand with resounding break patterns of power and force.

Wallis Sands Beach, N. H.

     Distant waves, calm and peaceful, rose in height, appearing as an expanding mirror. Whitecaps majestically crowned these waves with increasing frequency. Photographic water sprays occurred as waves broke over rocks impeding their progress.

     Some waves raced to catch up with others, merging in an empowering union. Others gracefully moved at their own pace, seeming content in their journey. Some faded out, absorbed by following waves. The white foam created by the waves’ final landing brought beauty, chaos, turmoil, debris, power and hope to the shore.

     As the foam spent itself the remaining water folded itself under incoming waves, creating an unseen danger—undertow—as each wave returned to its origin, the ocean.

     Man today can look back through history and detect its progression, a gradual movement of Old Testament events culminating in the life of Jesus and the New Testament, I wrote in a college paper for an English course on Old Testament Literature.

     I saw that Biblical history in the ocean movement. The rising wave—peace, land of milk and honey. Decreasing height—slow decline with increasing trust in wealth and power. Whitecaps—prophetic warnings appearing through time. Rocks along the way—traumatic experiences. And the crash—chaos and turmoil. Finally, water moving forward in reverse—captivity moving God’s people toward repentance and deeper faith, the water returning to faith only to return in a new wave.

     The re-risen wave represents release from captivity, the beginning of a new cycle, a forward movement fulfilling a plan wildly beyond man’s imagination and understanding.

     In this, the new millennium, our chaotic times coincide with the wave crashing ashore. An era of change—from industrial to information, national to global. A time of turmoil, instability, insecurity, the unknown, and yet, as Biblical history demonstrates, a time of hope and fulfillment of God’s destiny.

     Where is your hope? Is it buried in the chaos and turmoil of personal life situations and global struggles? If so, do you expect the coming of God’s plan of hope and fulfillment?

Prayer: Lord, help me expect God’s hope and fulfillment during chaotic times, and let me be prepared to be a part of your plan that I can hardly imagine or understand. Amen. 



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