July 15, 2010

Cochran Cornell Caught on Flypaper: Part 2



 This is the second part of Cochran Cornell the Cantankerous Cockroach, who finds his natural behavior gets him into trouble. The situation becomes so disastrous that he KNOWS his end is near. His friends abandon him, and he finds a creature so unlike him for support. To read Part 1, click on


     The faces in the cockroach community expressed horror at seeing one of their own in a situation of certain demise.

     The organizational response, most stopping dead short in their path, lasted only a moment before their roach nature brought back the chaotic scooting. Running past each other, bumping into each other, they commented on the situation.

     Gradually Cochran’s multitudinous progeny gradually arrived as they learned of his dilemma. It was a demonstration of the power of gossip that the news of his certain demise traveled so far in such a rapid time. Some of the community cried softly, others wailed and sobbed and quite a few skittered about, not knowing what to do. The sweet-smelling flypaper drew reluctantly satisfied expressions of those who gleefully felt Cochran had finally met his comeuppance—although only a rare roach among them dared voice the thought. And not one of them was able to gather their wits about them to figure out a way to rescue Cochran.

     At first hint of light, Cochran, realizing his predicament, woefully observed those few cockroaches who remained, some wandering slowly and cautiously around the edge of the flypaper, making sure they wouldn’t be caught.

     Daylight was descending rapidly, Cochran noticed.

     Where were his friends and family now? What good was it having thousands of progeny if none could take a turn remaining with him, now that he was so near his end?

     So what if the light would make them uncomfortable. Didn’t they realize he was stuck in this light, immobile and suffering? Were they so intimidated by the dawn that they had to run to their dark hideaways to rest up for the next night’s adventures? Were they even aware of his situation as they ran about like madmen, seeking food and new hideaways?

     He noticed that oaf of a bug, Lazybones, skulking underneath the rim of a large platter that protected him from the light. Couldn’t he at least acknowledge me? Cochran thought.

     Soberly Cochran gave in to ponderance on the deplorable situation he was in.

     He felt it was his creator-given talent and right to demoralize any individual he scooted about. Only just now, he began to realize he was reaping the consequences of this talent. He was left alone in bug hell here on earth. He wondered silently why he had to be submitted to this grossest of experiences. He thought of all the ill-tempered and cruel roaches that would live full lives while his was cut short. What had he done but live an exemplary life while the no-gooders poofed off roaches like him?

 Part 3 of Cochran the Cockroach, Caught on Flypaper will be posted on July 17



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