June 9, 2010

Rabbit’s Foot Fern







     The plant sits on my filing cabinet during the winter and on my patio railing during the summer. My finger gently strokes the furry length of one of the tarantula-like legs that extend over the edge of the flower pot. I caress the soft “hairs” that are a delightful blend of tans and browns, a characteristic that makes the leg resemble a rabbit’s foot.

     My finger must gently bypass the delicate, lacey, ferns that grow out of the plant known as the “rabbit’s foot fern.”

     I received the unique plant from a good friend, Virginia DePew, around 1978. We were living in rural Slippery Rock then. Virginia and her husband, Elmer, were our neighbors. I am reminded of them at the times I care for and/or enjoy the plant.

     Last spring, I realized that the plant was root-bound. It wasn’t until this spring that I decided to repot it, separating it into multiple plants which I could pass on to friends and relatives.

     Once separated, I figured that I needed to supply information on the plant with those who were receiving its starts, including friends and members of the Beanery Writers Group.

     I also gave starts to the Conservatory, a plant and gift shop for gardeners on Rt. 30 in Laughlintown, PA. Persons visiting the shop, open betweenMay 1 and September 30, can ask the owner, Terry Coyne, about the plant. Her shop is open Friday through Monday, 11:00 to 6:00.

     To research the plant, I did my usual: surf the Internet. There I learned that the plant is a (more…)

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