January 25, 2010

Update on the Rector and Export Post Office Suspensions



     NOTE: Below is the January 13, 2010, updated information on the Postal Regulatory Commission’s public inquiry, Docket No. P12010-1.

     Two Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, communities are experiencing a problem common to many communities across our country: the suspension of local United States Postal Services. Both the Rector Post Office and the Export Post Office were closed when their building landlords refused to renew the Postal Service lease.

     Rector’s post office was located in a front room of a private home on Rt. 381 for 107 ½ years before it closed on August 27, 2005. The current owner of the house, Ida Ankney Tenney, was unwilling to sign the required twenty-year lease. By signing the lease, the post office facility would remain on the premises even if the family decided to sell the home.

     Export’s Kennedy Avenue postal facility closed its doors on June 26, 2008, after the owner of the building in which it was located decided not to negotiate a new lease. Arthur Spagnol, who owned the building since 1962, claimed it was too expensive to make the renovations the Postal Service wanted.

     Betty Eichler, a retired postmaster involved with the national group, maintains that post offices can be closed only in the case of an emergency, such as a natural disaster.

     “It’s not right what they’re doing. The Postal Service, in order to get around the law, temporarily suspends an office,” Eichler said. “The people have no rights. There’s nobody they can appeal to. … All I want to do is make them do it the right way.”

     Export’s case has garnered national attention.

(To read the complete story, click on:

Post Office Closings in Rector and Export, Pennsylvania, Mirror a Larger Postal Service Problem

 Or )

      On November 9 the Postal Regulatory Commission in Washington initiated a public inquiry, Docket No. P12010-1,  to investigate the matter.

     “The Commission believes it is not sufficient to simply suspend operations at a post office without promptly developing a plan to reopen or close the existing office.” Kennedy stated.

     Interested persons may provide relevant information and share their views in writing by January 15, 2010 (SEE UPDATE BELOW). Formal statements, to be included in the public record, may be filed online at The Docket is listed at the bottom of the home page.

UPDATE: The January 15 deadline for submitting comments for the public record has been extended to February 16, 2010.

Comments will be posted online for public viewing on the website (scroll to bottom and click on PRC Docket No. P12010-1) until March 18, 2010. 

Comments may be mailed and/or more information found from the Public Representative J. P. Klingenberg using one of the two addresses below:

901 New York Avenue NW

Suite 200

Washington, D. C.  20268-0001


          To file an individual written comment, begin the letter as follows, a direction of Richard Oliver, Public Representative—Dkt. No. P12010-1, U. S. Postal Regulatory Commission:

Office of the Secretary

Postal Regulatory Commission

901 New York Avenue, N. W.

Suite 200

Washington, DC   20268

          Re: Investigation of Suspended Post Offices, Docket No. P12010-1

         Dear Secretary Grove:

                    I am submitting these comments in response to the Commission’s public notice in the referenced proceeding. I request that the Commission grant a waiver of its filing regulations to permit these comments to be written as opposed to electronic form.

(At this point, individuals should begin writing their comments).


The envelope should be addressed as follows:

Office of the Secretary

Postal Regulatory Commission

901 New York Avenue, N. W.

Suite 200

Washington, DC   20268-0001



Post Office Closings in Rector and Export, Pennsylvania, Mirror a Larger Postal Service Problem

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