June 30, 2009

Baseball, a strawberry festival, and a summer concert




Oh June, where did you go?

I don’t remember the days passing by…

When did they?

     Journaling: a writing genre that I am practicing a lot lately.  This is because life has overtaken me, and I am not producing much original work. Several pieces are in progress, but none is finished. Time is slipping under the door, disappearing before my eyes.

     Our very busy summer weekend began Thursday morning, June 25, when two United Way staff members visited the Holland’s home in Laurel Mountain Borough. It was wonderfully relaxing, sitting on our patio in the park-like setting, snacking on fruit and drinking coffee. It was an opportunity for my husband, Monte, and I, to learn more about the United Way. Their intent was to learn more about us, and to discover how the United Way might better serve our area.

     This is what churches should do more of, especially when new people enter their congregations. Sorry to say, but none of the pastors of the churches which we visited when we first arrived in the community made any contact with us. Nor did any of the congregation members.

     Thursday evening continued with Monte’s Christmas present to the family coming to fruition. He provided tickets for our daughter, Sandy, her husband Michael and daughter Jordan, to attend a baseball game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. The game was especially interesting since the Pittsburgh Pirates were pitted against the Cleveland Indians. This particular game was chosen because our son Nolan and his wife Tammy and sons Vince and Marcus live in Cleveland, and also received tickets for the game as a Christmas present. Us Pennsylvania residents were lucky—the Pirates won the game. More on this later—-it is a post under construction, about a reluctant sports person (me) attending the game.

     To my surprise and pleasure Nolan’s family decided to visit us after the game, rather than return to Cleveland. On Friday I took Marcus for a walk around Laurel Mountain Borough, looking for dogs to give biscuits to. We found finally found Oreo, who was provided a half a dozen or more treats. Then we stopped at my neighbors where I knew Gabe, Mica, Sancho and Babe lived. Marcus certainly enjoyed feeding this crew of dogs!

     In the afternoon, Monte, Nolan, Vince and I found the pool closed so we trekked along Washington Furnace run to find a spot to wade. Brave Vince at age five insisted on walking across the stream on a fallen tree, and did so successfully, with his dad behind. Monte also met the challenge of crossing on the log.

     Nolan and all left at dusk so they could be in Cleveland for their Saturday activities.

     On Saturday, I rested some. In the afternoon I continued my fitness regime at the YMCA, spending time in the fitness room and swimming a mile in the pool. We capped the day by attending the strawberry festival at Lebanon United Methodist Church, where we sat next to a woman whose grandparents had lived in the log cabin that the Eastwood Inn is built around. Lo and behold, one of the news stories I am working on is the history of the inn. I lucked out to find a treasure of history to use in the article.

     Our baseball experience continued on Sunday afternoon, when we attended a production of the play Honus & Me at the Mountain Playhouse in Jennerstown (PA). More on that subject n my coming baseball post.

     The weekend was capped off at the Sunday evening band concert on the Diamond in Ligonier. Monte did the invocation, and we were joined with friends Lois, Joe, and Joanne.

     Throughout all this activity, I’ve had no time (or energy) to write, and I even missed attending the Beanery Writers Group meeting. Fortunately, Joe was willing to take over.

     And, hopefully, Monday and Tuesday will be days to catch up on some of my writing and to maintain my fitness regimen. I need to do this, since it will be a busy weekend, with the holiday coming.

 Oh June, where did you go?

I don’t remember the days passing by…

When did they?

But now—July 4 is upon us!



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