February 1, 2009





Valentine’s Day—Children’s Stories & Poems

     February—the entire month—celebrates a topic near and dear to me: the HEART. I can appreciate American Heart Month, being the recipient of life-saving heart surgery technology myself, and having two sisters and numerous friends whose lives continue to enrich my life due to the same technology.
Heart problems are genetic in my family. My mother died at age 75 years of heart failure. My sister Jane experienced a major heart attack at age 42, and admits that she sometimes wonders if life-saving technology should save all lives, since her quality of life has decreased significantly. My other sister N. L. had a stroke in March, 2007, and a quadruple heart bypass in May of the same year. When I had one stent installed in my lower descending artery (a major heart artery and the same one that caused Jane’s heart attack) I was told I had been within hours of experiencing “the big one.” I am so grateful that my problem was caught “just in time,” and I do not have a reduced quality of life.
I frequently read articles that point out that women’s heart problems have a different set of symptoms than those that occur in men with heart problems.
On the lighter side, it’s also Affair to Remember Month and Creative Romance Month. Hopefully, your affair to remember is the one you had with your spouse, and that this affair will be followed up with twenty-eight ways of having creative romance, with an especially romantic day on February 14, St. Valentine’s Day.
February’s “day celebrations” offer a wide variety of ways to continue creativity.
February 1 begins the month with National Freedom Day, a celebration of the freedom from slavery, and a recognition that America stands for freedom. Unlike many “national” days, this one is official, made so when President Harry Truman signed the bill proclaiming this day officially. President Lincoln signed the 13th amendment, which outlawed slavery, on February 1, 1865.
Following on the tail of National Freedom Day is Groundhog Day, February 2. To read about this day, return to this site for a post being published February 2. This day is also Candlemas Day, the last holiday of the Christmas season. Its festival celebrates the Feast of Purification of the Virgin Mary. In the Jewish culture, women were considered “unclean” for forty days after the birth of a son (sixty days after the birth of a daughter), and during these days of uncleanliness they were not allowed into the temple to worship. At the conclusion of their unclean time, the woman was brought into the temple and “purified” in a ceremony. Later, this day became Candlemas Day, when candles, representing Jesus as the light, the truth and the way, that are used during the year are blessed.
They deliver the mail in snow, sleet and all kinds of weather. February 4 is Thank a Mailman Day. In fact, the motto of the Pony Express riders, the early mailmen, was “neither rain nor snow nor death of the night can keep us from our duty.” An ancient version was “Through rain or snow, or sleet or hail, we’ll carry the mail. We will not fail.” Offer your mailman a plate of cookies, cup of coffee or a card of appreciation.
February 4 was made for me, numbskulled and vacuous that I am. It is Create a Vacuum Day. Only thing is, I don’t have to create a vacuum—my friends tell me my mind is a vacuum all the time. Enough said.
Here’s a day we all need, Clean Out Your Computer Day, the second Monday of February. Think how much more efficiency and speed you could gain if you cleared out all the old files and ran the disc defragmenter.
Make new friends, but keep the old…so the Girl Scout song goes. The “make new friends” day has special meaning on February 11, Make a Friend Day. One way to make a new friend is at the Mall food court. Grab a bite to eat, then look for a table with someone sitting alone. Ask them if they would mind having company. If they say no, proceed on to another table.  Its funny how much you can enjoy dining with a new friend.
Now here’s a day I can relate to—Blame Someone Else Day, the first Friday the 13th of the year. It’s your fault if you do not like this post—nothing will please you! Pass the buck, please!
Choosing a moniker for baby is a difficult task, since the child will carry his name all his life, as you have carried your name all your life. That is, unless he or you take advantage of Get a Different Name Day on February 13. I only know of one person who changed his name as an adult, and he did it not so much because he didn’t like his name as that he wanted to separate himself from his abusive family. (Day name copywritten: I used a pen name at one time: Rebecca Victoria Briskay (I like my grandparents name—Briskay—it is so risque!).
My daughter works at a dialysis center. She knows the urgency of kidney transplants. Do you know someone who had benefited from organ donation? Perhaps you have been meaning to sign up as an organ donor. Take action today, February 14, National Organ Donor Day. Use your computer search engines to learn more!
My daughter’s favorite fairy tale is Cinderella. It makes me wonder if I made her slave too much cleaning the chicken coop when she was a child. I researched the various versions of Cinderella and presented the collection to her two Christmases ago. It fit right in with February 26, Tell a Fairy Tale Day.
On February 16, President’s Day, remember that this is a historic year. On January 20 the first black President, Barack Obama, was inaugurated. Pray give him all your support so he has a chance to turn this country around.
Today, February 17, is a special day. Try to rack up numerous nice acts for people on Random Acts of Kindness Day. It’s contagious. The acts of kindness you do today may ricochet back to you later.
I’ve been wondering what happened to Chelsea. Although she was not my pet, she adopted our family. Read her story on February 20, Love Your Pet Day: WHAT RIGHTS DO CATS HAVE, I ASK. This day is also Hoodie Hoo Day, so if you want to chase away winter and bring in spring, go outside at noon, wave your hands over your head and shout “Hoodie Hoo.” (a copy-written holiday:
Girl Scouts created International World Thinking Day, on February 22, as a special time for girls to appreciate each other, and to learn about health issues that affect girls and women. The day was created in 1926. I wonder if there is a message in the fact that this day is also Walking the Dog Day and Be Humble Day.
I like this day, Polar Bear Day, February 27. Polar bears are so cute! However, it reminds me of the hunter whom I wrote a news story about—a big game hunter who had a big slam: bears—a grizzly, brown, black and polar bear. The latter is the world’s largest carnivore, some standing nine feet tall and weighing fourteen hundred pounds. It’s reputed that all polar bears are left handed.
No Brainer Day should be February 3 or 5, accompanying Create a Vacuum Day. It invites you to do something that takes no brain activity. Perhaps read a good book (nothing heavy) or watch a fun movie. No work today.
I’m tired. So I welcome February 28, Public Sleeping Day. My preference is a hammock under the hemlocks on a warm, breezy summer day. However, this is still winter, with its cold, stormy days. I think I will keep my sleeping inside today!






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