November 10, 2008

GEORGE D. SHUMAN: Author of Thriller Books Part 2


GEORGE D. SHUMAN: Author of Thriller Books Part 2



George D. Shuman, author of the murder mystery “18 Seconds,” had his second book in the mystery series released August 7, 2007, and his third, “Lost Girls,” in August, 2008. Check your bookstores or local library to read these books. In honor of his work, the Beanery Writers Online Literary Magazine is reposting a two-part article on Shuman.
Shuman, a twenty-year veteran of the Washington D. C. Metropolitan Police Force, said he would have been a writer no matter what his career was.
“18 Seconds” is his first published book. He talked with members of the Beanery Writers Group at their first anniversary meeting March 9, 2007, about his books and his writing process.
Today’s post is on Shuman’s book, “18 Seconds.” Click on GEORGE D. SHUMAN: Author of “18 SECONDS” & “LAST BREATH” Part 1  to read Part 1 of this article, written about his Background and his Writing Process.

He chose the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey, as the “place” for “18 Seconds.”
“I was thinking about the boardwalk. I’ll never forget walking the boardwalk,” he said. “Where you’re beyond the noise, you can hear the hollow (to read the rest of this story click on GEORGE D. SHUMAN: Author of Thriller Books Part 2 )


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