September 30, 2008

IT WAS MEANT TO BE: A Meeting with Travelers from the Netherlands



A Meeting with Travelers from the Netherlands


     The weather was perfect for driving over and through the white mountains of New Hampshire, although the downhill drives were intimidating with their S- and hair-pin curves on step grades, and their signs “moose…. 40 miles per hour.” The leaves in many patches were at their peak, and we laughed about being among the early “leaf-peepers” in New England.

     The views were so fantastic that we frequently stopped at scenic overlooks. My husband, Monte, noted that, although most of the mountaintops were in clear view, the top of Mt. Washington, noted for foggy heights, was enshrouded in a cloud. We stopped at a pull-off to admire the view and to add to our photography record.

     I crossed the road, snapped the camera, and returned to the car, watching as a white van pulled up behind our car. Several persons had already exited the van as I reached our car, and I smiled at the one holding a camera, saying, “It’s a great day for photography.”

     He smiled and asked me if I knew the motto for the state of Pennsylvania. I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t pull up this piece of trivia, which I should know (later my daughter told me Pennsylvania’s motto is “The Keystone State.”)

     “It’s written on the license plate of some states,” he noted, pointing to the plate on the van he was driving (I forget the state and the motto).

     Noting his obvious accent and friendly nature, I asked him where he was from.

     “The Netherlands,” was his response, which caught my attention. I had just been reading some of my research materials to Monte before we stopped, and two of the historic persons we were discussing were (more…)

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