September 6, 2008


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It is 11:39 am Saturday, and Monte and I are sitting at a desk in the Langworth Library in Langworth, Rhode Island library accessing our computer in a somewhat relaxed manner for the first time since we left Southwestern Pennsylvania. It is alternately raining and pouring cats and dogs outside the library window as we check our Emails. We managed to beat Hurricane Hannah to this area, and will stay in Providence this evening, and Newport the following two evenings.

We spent all the time I expected to in the Pennsylvania Historical Society, and then headed up to Connecticut, where we stayed last night.

We are in for a couple of surprises. Sue from Atlanta will be in Vermont at the time we head out of New England, and another Email indicated that Tekwie, a helpful researcher Fran found in Australia, will be in New England while we are here. Hopefully, we can connect with both of these persons before we leave the region.

How much rain, flooding and bad weather will be here from Hannah is unknown—the regional news indicates it could be tough, but Monte’s nephew said it will be just rain, not a hurricane. Then there is the effects of Hurricane Ike to contend with…

The surf should be great, however.

Will write more in detail later. I just wanted readers to know I have not abandoned my readers, or the readers of the Beanery Online Literary Magazine. Postings, however, will be different during the time I am traveling up the coast of New England.

Check back for the next New England journal/post! And have a wonderful time wherever you are!


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