July 20, 2008


On April 24, 2005, I was privileged to attend the Myers Lecture at the Church of the Savior United Methodist Church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio (I happened to be in the community for my grandson’s birthday). The guest speaker was the Rev. Peter Storey, a renowned peace advocate and former Methodist bishop of South Africa. The following is taken from his notes, which he so graciously gave me.

This is the third of a three-part article. To read Parts 1 & 2, click on  KEEPING PEACE IN SOUTH AFRICA Part 1 &  KEEPING PEACE IN SOUTH AFRICA Part 2

This third part of KEEPING PEACE IN SOUTH AFRICA was excerpted from the February 29, 2008 United Methodist Reporter, titled Peace conference urges church to find its voice, by Kathy L. Gilbert, United Methodist News Service.

The Rev. Peter Storey asked participants 2008 Lake Junaluska Peace Conference to consider the God they serve. If He is the God of Jesus, any response to violence must be examined through the cross, Storey stated, setting the tone for the three-day conference held in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina.

While participants grappled with the question “How can the United Methodist Church find its voice in a world of violence?”, Storey asked “Why our silence? Why no clear, bold challenge? Why is the way that leads to peace still apparently hidden from our sight when (more…)


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