July 6, 2008


On April 24, 2005, I was privileged to attend the Myers Lecture at the Church of the Savior United Methodist Church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio (I happened to be in the community for my grandson’s birthday). The guest speaker was the Rev. Peter Storey, a renowned peace advocate and former Methodist bishop of South Africa. The following is taken from his notes, which he so graciously gave me.
This is the first of a three-part article. The second part, 
KEEPING PEACE IN SOUTH AFRICA Part 2 , explains how peace after apartheid was accomplished. The third part, KEEPING PEACE IN SOUTH AFRICA Part 3speaks about the 2008 Lake Junaluska Peace Conference.

In 1990, South Africa’s new president spoke words that shook the world. As leader of the white, racist regime, he stated that he had come to realize that apartheid must end—Nelson Mandela must be freed, the black people must be free, and there must be a new democratic future for South Africa. It was a time for transition.

This happened in a country where the church role was divided. Prominently supporting the racist regime: the (more…)


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