May 22, 2008


There was a soft rap on our guestroom door. I rapped softly back, thinking it was my newly-four-year-old grandson. He had just celebrated his birthday the day before, and we were in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, for the occasion.

However, the rap on the door turned out to be my son, wanting to know if we’d been up and out to the car already that morning.

No, we hadn’t. But I’d left a car door open when packing the car the night before, and thus, the question from Nolan.

We finished packing the car, and left to return to Pennsylvania. It was just before 9:30 a.m., not bad for our plan to leave by nine o’clock. I was waiting to get my java at a food store we were going to shop at on our way when suddenly Monte let out the wildest war whoop I’d ever heard come from his mouth. I caught myself panicking: HEART ATTACK! WHILE HE’S DRIVING (more…)

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