May 11, 2008


Below is a conversation between Lucy, a contemporary woman, and Jochebed, a woman from the Bible’s Old Testament. Both women “lost” infants they “gave up” for “adoption” due to the exceptional circumstances of their lives. Lucy’s story is based on a true story of a mother releasing her son for adoption.

     As Lucy strolled along the river’s edge, head down, pondering the birth of her six-year-old son and his placement for adoption three days after his birth, she came upon a teary-eyed woman sitting on the riverbank. Her peaceful expression belied the sorrow told by the tears washing her cheeks.

Lucy knelt beside the woman, rose on her heels and slowly, solemnly, reached her arms towards her.

     A soul-depth communication transpired between the women as one of the woman’s calloused, wrinkled hands reached for Lucy’s smoother extended hand. Lucy responded by wrapping an arm around her thin shoulder. Both seemed empowered by the water flowing by them.

     Lucy softly broke into their reverie. “I knew you’d be here, Jochebed.”

     “I come here often. The water…comforts me…it was the safest place to put Moses…it…it was a fate (more…)

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