May 6, 2008

BRAMBLES (Brief Rambles) 2:2008 May 5—Temporary Art, Bull-Headedness?-Arachnophobia


A passage in Maya Angelou’s book, Even the Stars Look Lonesome, reads: The simple materials (of West African women) are forged into plastic designs that will be as temporary as the length of time between rainfalls, and with no lasting staying power against the insistent sun. These artists, however, do not seem to need promises of longevity, nor do they exhibit a craving for notice out of the ordinary.

While observing sand sculptors, from the very young to the accomplished, along the beaches of New England, I felt a twinge that their works would be washed away with the next high tide. I felt it was a shame to lose such devoted, talented artwork. Yet one artist who had created several complex, eye-catching, sand sculptures told me (more…)

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