May 3, 2008


Note: If you missed reading the previous installments of Bob Mendler’s story, click on THE HOLOCAUST STORY OF A TEENAGE VICTIM (Part 1) and THE HOLOCAUST STORY OF A TEENAGE VICTIM (Part 2)


Ten Concentration Camps Before Liberation.

“Roman Reibeisen, now Robert Mendler, resided in the following Concentration Camps:

1. Nowy-Targ—1939—Poland
2. Forced Labor Camp—Stuag Co.—Zakopane—Poland
3. Forced Labor Camp Fluskis Co.—Miningsand (Hobag A. G. Wercke-Lumberyard, Poland
4. K. C. Camp—Hobag A. G. Wercke—1942—Czarny-Dunajec—Poland
5. K. C Camp—1942—Krakow-Plaszow—Poland
6. K. C. Camp—1943—Ostrowiec, Steel Mfg.—Poland
7. K. C. Auschwitz, Burkenau, Buna—1943—Germany
8. K. C. Camp Oranieburg, Sacsenhausen, Flossenburg—1945—Germany
9. K. C. Camp Pocking, North Bavaria—1945—Germany
On May 2,1945, he was Liberated by the United States Army.

Throughout conversations and interviews Mendler constantly emphasized the Jewish people weren’t the sole victims of the holocaust.

“It claimed the lives of more than 10 million non-Jews,” he said. “The number included clergy, bishops and priests, gypsies, Marxists, homosexuals, those mentally and physically handicapped and anyone considered an enemy of the Third Reich.”

The camps weren’t just for Jewish people. “The first to die in Auswitz to die were three million Slavs,” he noted.

Click on THE HOLOCAUST STORY OF A TEENAGE VICTIM (Part 4)   to continue reading Bob Mendler’s story.

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  1. Hello,

    please visit and if You have time help with “project”.

    We have digital exhibition about children victims in this camp.

    Look for info at: its intro video for this exhibition.



    Comment by historyresearch — June 24, 2008 @ 11:03 pm | Reply

  2. I and my family are from Nowy Targ. My father’s name was Alojzy singer. I was a hidden child. I and my father survived. the rest of the family did not. The Singers had a large hardware store on the Rynek. I would love to be in touch with anyone from that town. I am sure that my father and Mr. Mendler knew each other.

    Comment by janet singer applefiewld — December 8, 2009 @ 1:51 pm | Reply

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