March 29, 2008


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In 2006 I dared submit three limericks to the limerick contest sponsored by the Ligonier Valley Writers. They sponsor this contest each year for their Hot Dog Fest, a winter picnic, where they honor a writer with an award. Below are my three entries (which didn’t win anything, but nonetheless were written).

No ant. No sunburn. No log.
No water, way down (more…)

AQUILA AND PRISCILLA: A Script on their Marriage

Genesis provides two human creation stories. In Genesis 1 God creates humans, male and female, to be fruitful and multiply. The Genesis 2 version relates it a little differently—Adam is created first and then Eve is created from his rib.

Which ever way we read the Scripture, either as man and woman being created as equal partners or the man being created first and the woman second, we have a sense that God puts married couples together to be a team, a team that is challenged to be fruitful and multiply. The marriage of Aquila and Priscilla is an example of a relationship that personifies teamwork.

Below is a radio script my husband Monte and I presented while living in Connellsville, PA.

Tom: Aquila and Priscilla—they’re a couple that doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but they are mentioned in a number of places as a team.

Sue: The names sort of rhyme, don’t they? A rhyming pair of names like that ought (more…)

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