March 6, 2008


Now that I’ve introduced myself, let me share a letter I wrote to my friend, A’nonniemouse, my best friend created by Rustie, who is my creator’s best friend. It will tell you more about ME! It was written in June, 1997, and shows my struggles in self-esteem and gaining maturity. I’m a different cockroach today!

Dear A’nonniemouse,

I received your letter of May 30 a couple of weeks ago and must truly thank you for your two letters, especially the second, a real bonus, since I didn’t answer your first one.
You mentioned mitigating circumstances as to why I haven’t written to you.
A’nonnie, you just don’t know!

You said you didn’t know what to say to me because you don’t know me. Well, I must confess—therein lies the problem! I’m struggling (more…)

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