February 26, 2008


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After many years I’m finally coming out of the imagination into reality!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Cochran Cornell. People refer to me as cantankerous, but I cannot understand why. I’m not difficult or irritating! How can I be considered mean-spirited? Why, I’m most often like Grover—lovable, sweet, kind! Yet I’ve heard rumors through the years that I have a difficult and contrary disposition, unwilling to cooperate in any reasonable situation! How dare they talk about me this way?!??! Cantankerous, my eye!

I’m the creation of Carolyn, you might know. She recognizes the beauty of my golden-bronze color, my iridescent wings, even though I’m so hated by most humankind that they are energized by trying to splat on their walls! Oh, but I’m too swift for them! You see, I’m a cockroach, one of German ilk. Oh, quit cringing! Beauty like mine can be seen nowhere else in the animal kingdom. I’m not like those ugly black creatures I disenfranchise as my cousins. Ugh!

Enough, enough. Carolyn was gracious enough to introduce me to the public for the first time in the Beanery Online Literary Magazine, , but now my home category (COCHRAN’S SHENANIGANS) is on her site, . I trust you know about these sites, as you are reading on one now.

If you must know, Carolyn is sooo eccentric. She tries to be a writer, but writers must be storytellers. I’m a better storyteller. And oh, do I have stories to tell! You see, I give her most of her stories. She posts them, but you must understand something about me.

However, I write some of my own stories. You writers, you take the easy road, you use that newfangled electronic gizmo called the computer. My role model recorded his stories on the typewriter, but I cannot do so as that machine is obsolete. Even though the computer keyboard is somewhat easier to use (the keys click easier) my creator must accidentally leave her computer on for me to write. She’s pretty good about shutting it off! Anyway, I’m just not as patient as my role model was. And I’m electronically challenged.

Oh yes, I much prefer recording my stories using an old-fashioned cat whisker ink pen dipped in an inkwell. So watch for my upcoming stories—I’ll tell you all about my role model mentioned above. Let his identity remain a mystery until revealed in his story!

Doodleoot for now. ~~~~~Cochran~~~~~

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