February 16, 2008


If I read my notation correctly, the item about global warming caught my attention on November 12, 2001. It read: Sea level has risen 12-20 inches along Maine’s coast…during the past 250 years, a researcher said. It’s the biggest rise in the past millennium and global warming is to blame, Roland Gehrels of the University of Plymouth in England said.  This little ditty was published in the Across the USA column in the USA Today.

Although I normally try to evaluate the different arguments surrounding the issue of  “global warming,” that wasn’t what caught my attention as I read this item.

I’m writing a historic romance novel set on Frenchman Bay, Maine. Through my readings on global warming I was aware of, but had no concrete data on, increasing sea levels. Even so, I’d wondered what effect the increase would have on my novel, which has numerous scenes on Lamoine Beach, (to read the rest of this story, click on (link to come…)


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